Getting Software

ITS Virtual Lab:

The ITS Virtual Lab provides dozens of applications via a web browser. See the Virtual Lab list of applications for further details.

SILS Microsoft Dev Tools for Education:

SILS has signed up with Microsoft Dev Tools for Education to provide Microsoft software to SILS students at no cost. To be eligible, you must be enrolled in at least one class at SILS. SILS degree students are automatically enrolled and receive a welcome email at the beginning of the academic year.  Non-degree students enrolled in a SILS course must contact the SILS Help Desk for Microsoft Imagine access.

Available from UNC-CH:

Microsoft Office for Windows and Mac are available for free to UNC students.  For download and installation options please visit:
UNC shareware offers a number of software packages for free to anyone who has an Onyen. Software includes:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Get access to Creative Cloud
  • Antivirus: Microsoft Endpoint Protection (Windows & Mac)
  • Browsers: Chrome, Firefox
  • File transfer: SSH/SFTP SecureCRT, Fetch for Mac
  • File archives: WinZip for Windows, StuffIt for Mac
  • Printing: CCI Printing client software for campus-wide printing
  • VPN: Cisco AnyConnect VPN client
  • ...and other applications and utilities. 

SILS Computer Lab Software