New Books - June, 2009

New books for the week of 22 June, 2009

SILS Collection

Adult Reading Round Table of Illinois. The ARRT genre fiction list: a self-evaluative bibliography for fiction librarians. Illinois: Adult Reading Round Table of Illinois, 2003.

Adult Reading Round Table of Illinois. The ARRT young adult genre list: a self-evaluative bibliography for fiction librarians. Illinois: Adult Reading Round Table of Illinois, 2003.

Aggarwal, Charu C. & Philip S. Yu. Privacy-preserving data mining: models and algorithms. New York: Springer, 2008.

Balleste, Roy; Sonia Luna-Lamas; & Lisa Smith-Butler. Law librarianship in the twenty-first century. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2007.

Battles, David M. The history of public library access for African Americans in the South, or, Leaving behind the plow. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2009.

The History of Public Library Access for African Americans in the South catalog link

African Americans' long struggle to attain civil rights, particularly in the South, is well documented, as is the story of the public library movement in the America. This book tells the story of the African American struggle to access public libraries in the South, from the 1820s to the 1960s and beyond, bringing together three distinct fields: Southern studies, African American studies, and library studies.

Bird, Elizabeth. Children's literature gems: choosing and using them in your library career. Chicago: American Library Association, 2009.

Debons, Anthony. Information science 101. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2008.

Diacritics and special characters. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC Online Computer Library Center, 1991.

Distad, Merrill. The University of Alberta Library: the first hundred years, 1908-2008. Edmonton, Alberta: University of Alberta Libraries, 2009.

Forcier, Jeff; Paul Bissex; & Wesley Chun. Python Web development with Django. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Addison-Wesley, 2009.

Django catalog link

Forcier, Bissex, and Chun--all experienced Django and Python developers--offer a practical guide for Web developers on the use of the Python-based Django framework to build powerful Web solutions. Coverage includes an introductory overview of Python, Django, and Web development concepts, followed by the basic components of the framework--models, views, templates--and how they work together; discussion of four distinct Django applications; and advanced Django techniques and features. A companion website contains a large amount of auxiliary material and is referenced throughout the text.

Gebali, Fayez. Analysis of computer and communication networks. New York; London: Springer Science+Business Media, 2008.

Harris, Lesley Ellen. Licensing digital content: a practical guide for librarians. Chicago: American Library Association, 2009.

Hill, Chrystie. Inside, outside, and online: building your library community. Chicago: American Library Association, 2009.

Holley, Pam Spencer. Quick and popular reads for teens. Chicago: American Library Association, 2009.

Hope, Brian & Ben Walther. Web security testing cookbook: systematic techniques to find problems fast. Farnham: O'Reilly, 2009.

Web Security Testing Cookbook catalog link

In this book for Web application developers and quality assurance testers rather than security specialists like the authors, 'recipes' are given for using free and customizable tools for building and testing secure software. Progressively more difficult problems with the tools and techniques needed for a solution and discussion are presented on setting up these tools and basic concepts such as data encoding, ways to bypass client-side input validation, and advanced techniques (for detecting both unintentional design flaws and attacks using AJAX technology).

Jansen, Bernard J.; Amanda Spink; & Isak Taksa. Handbook of research on web log analysis. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, 2009.

Kanjilal, Joydip & Sriram Putrevu. Sams teach yourself ASP.NET Ajax in 24 hours. Indianapolis, Ind.: Sams, 2009.

Karimi, Hassan A. Handbook of research on geoinformatics. Hershey: Information Science Reference, 2009.

Geoinformatics catalog link

Geoinformatics is the science and technology of gathering, analyzing, interpreting, distributing, and using geospatial information. It encompasses a broad range of disciplines brought together to create a detailed but understandable picture of the physical world and our place in it.

Kornegay, Rebecca S.; Heidi E. Buchanan; & Hildegard B. Morgan. Magic search: getting the best results from your catalog and beyond. Chicago: American Library Association, 2009.

LaPerriere, Jenny & Trish Christiansen. Merchandising made simple: using standards and dynamite displays to boost circulation. Westport, Conn.: Libraries Unlimited, 2008.

Merchandising Made Simple catalog link

In this brief, well-organized volume, librarian LaPerriere and merchandising professional Christiansen (both with the Denver Public Library) introduce principles and practices for branding and creating appealing displays to attract readers and boost circulation in libraries. In chapters supported by examples illustrated in b&w photos, the authors discuss the use of collection presentation standards as well as ideal locations for displays, the use of fixtures and furniture, props, detailed steps for aesthetic and practical display-building, and upkeep. They also discuss techniques for enlisting and educating staff and for assessing success. The final chapter suggests about 50 themes for library displays and the collections (not specific titles) and props that should accompany each.

Luenberger, David G. & Yinyu Ye. Linear and nonlinear programming. New York: Springer, 2008.

Meghabghab, George & Abraham Kandel. Search engines, link analysis, and user's Web behavior: a unifying Web mining approach. Berlin: Springer, 2008.

Moore, Chris. Sunday opening: an investigation into accessible opening hours and Sunday opening in UK public libraries. Leicestershire: Department of Information Science, Loughborough University, 2008.

Rainey, David. Faith reads: a selective guide to Christian nonfiction. Westport, Conn.: Libraries Unlimited, 2008.

Reynolds, Nancy Thalia. Mixed heritage in young adult literature. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2009.

Saricks, Joyce G. The readers' advisory guide to genre fiction. Chicago: American Library Association, 2009.

Traynor, Patrick; Patrick McDaniel; & Thomas La Porta. Security for telecommunications networks. New York: Springer, 2008.

Union list user guide. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC Online Library Computer Center, 1994.

Warner, Dorothy Anne. A disciplinary blueprint for the assessment of information literacy. Westport, Conn.: Libraries Unlimited, 2008.

Zhang, Yan-Qing & Jagath C. Rajapakse. Machine learning in bioinformatics. Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley, 2009.

Zhang, Zhongfei & Ruofei Zhang. Multimedia data mining: a systematic introduction to concepts and theory. Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2009.

Juvenile Collection

Brannen, Sarah S. Uncle Bobby's wedding. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 2008.

Uncle Bobby's Wedding catalog link

Bobby and Jamie are getting married, but Bobby's niece Chloe is worried that she won't be his favorite person anymore. Will Uncle Bobby still think she is special? Sarah Brannen's warm story is set in an alternative family as Uncle Bobby marries his boyfriend. "Uncle Bobby's Wedding" embraces Bobby?s relationship with Jamie, but keeps its focus where it truly belongs: on an uncle and niece's love for each other. Beautifully told and charmingly illustrated, this simple yet moving story begs to be read time and again.

Cowan, Jennifer. Earthgirl. Toronto; Berkeley: Groundwood Books; House of Anansi Press, 2009.

Ellis, Deborah. Children of war: voices of Iraqi refugees. Toronto; Berkeley: Groundwood Books/House of Anansi Press, 2009.

Gower, Catherine & He Zhihong. Long-Long's New Year: a story about the Chinese spring festival. Boston: Tuttle Pub., 2005.

Ka, Olivier & Luc Melanson. My great big mamma. Toronto; Berkeley: Groundwood Books: House of Anansi Press, 2009.

My Great Big Mamma catalog link

Size matters, according to this groundbreaking picture book - and in a good way. Here, a young boy describes his large mother in caring terms - her softness, her warmth, how comfortable and reassuring it is to sit on her lap on the bus. But when she goes on a diet "because of what people say," he becomes a picky eater himself to show her how foolish she's being. This remarkable book offers a charming and timely picture of a special relationship between a loving mother and the little boy who understands that people should be appreciated for who they are. Luc Melanson's vibrant illustrations add resonance to this sweet story.

Katz, Karen. My first Chinese New Year. New York: Henry Holt, 2004.

Khan, Rukhsana. Wanting Mor. Toronto; Berkeley: Groundwood Books; House of Anansi Press, 2009.

Wanting Mor catalog link

Jameela and her family live in a poor, war-torn village in Afghanistan. Even with her cleft lip and lack of educational opportunities, Jameela feels relatively secure, sustained by her Muslim faith and the love of her mother, Mor. But when Mor dies, Jameela's father impulsively decides to start a new life in Kabul. Jameela is appalled as he succumbs to alcohol and drugs, then suddenly remarries, a situation that soon has her a virtual slave to a demanding stepmother. After she's discovered trying to learn to read, Jameela is abandoned in a busy market, eventually landing in an orphanage run by the same army that killed so many members of her family. Throughout it all, the memory of her mother sustains her, giving Jameela the strength to face her father and stepmother when fate brings them together again. Inspired by a true story, and set in a world far removed from that of Western readers, this powerful novel reveals that the desire for identity and self-understanding is universal.

Levert, Mireille. Tulip and Lupin forever. Toronto: Groundwood Books; Berkeley: House of Anansi Press, 2009.

Tulip and Lupin Forever catalog link

Tulip the watering fairy and her best friend Lupin, a honey-making dog-bee, cultivate their fields and make delicious honey. When Lupin grows old and dies, Tulip is bereft. After a long journey, and the help of a river, the sea, and a friendly tortoise, Tulip is finally ready to start living again. When she returns home, a puppy-bee is waiting for her; eager for his turn in the field. This sensitive, beautifully illustrated story never minimizes the loss of a loved one, but shows that with time, a person can continue not only to live, but can find a new way to enjoy life.

Pottle, Jean L. & Lois Leonard Stock. Herons, frogs, and cranberry bogs: a wetlands unit for science and language arts. Portland, Maine: J. Weston Walch, Pub., 1994.

Graphic Novels



New books for the week of 15 June, 2009

SILS Collection

Calhoun, Karen. Online catalogs: what users and librarians want: an OCLC report. Dublin, Ohio: OCLC, 2009.

Dow, Elizabeth H. Electronic records in the manuscript repository. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2009.

Electronic Records in the Manuscript Repository catalog link

"Electronic Records in the Manuscript Repository" defines the problems related to electronic records and digital documents, describes the steps the curator should take to manage those electronic records and digital documents, and suggests ways to learn the specific skills and perspectives needed to do the job well.

Hartl, Michael & Aurelius Prochazka. RailsSpace: building a social networking Website with Ruby on Rails. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Addison-Wesley, 2008.

International survey of library & museum digitization projects. New York: Primary Research Group, 2008.

Wildemuth, Barbara M. Applications of social research methods to questions in information and library science. Westport, Conn.: Libraries Unlimited, 2009.

Applications of Social Research Methods to Questions in Information and Library Science catalog link

Juvenile Collection

Bang, Molly Garrett. Tye May and the magic brush. New York: Mulberry Books, 1992.

Rumford, James. Silent music: a story of Baghdad. New York: Roaring Brook Press, 2008.

Graphic Novels



New books for the week of 8 June, 2009

SILS Collection

Robertson, Randy. Censorship and conflict in seventeenth-century England: the subtle art of division. University Park, Pa.: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2009.

Supplementary list of subject headings. Mena, Ark., 1938.

Juvenile Collection

Godbersen, Anna. The luxe. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers, 2007.

Thomas, Garen. Yes we can: a biography of president Barack Obama. New York: Feiwel and Friends, 2009.

Yes We Can catalog link

Garen Thomas takes us through the life of Barack Obama, from his struggle to fit in with his classmates, and concern about not knowing his biological father, through his term as an Illinois senator, and the long campaign for president, to his historic victory.

Wing, Natasha & Robert Casilla. Jalapeño bagels. New York, NY: Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 1996.

Graphic Novels

Azzarello, Brian. 100 bullets. New York: DC Comics, 2000.

100 Bullets catalog link

The collection also features the tale of Jack Daw, a lowlife vagabond who comes across a roadside zoo during his cross-country travels. The inmates in this prison are marked for execution, and their rare pelts bound for the black market. Unless, that is, Daw choose to save them.

Silvestri, Marc. Witchblade. Los Angeles: Top Cow Productions, 2008.

Witchblade catalog link

Go back to the beginning and see how NY police detective Sara Pezzini was first chosen by the mystical Witchblade to be its next bearer. Collecting Witchblade #1-8 by writers David Wohl and Christina Z, and superstar artist Michael Turner, this trade paperback introduced Pezzini, the Witchblade, Kenneth Irons, and Ian Nottingham to the world of comics.


New books for the week of 1 June, 2009

SILS Collection

Carson, Ewart; Fiona Harvey; & Mike Hughes. eHealth: a futurescope: proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Advances in the Delivery of Healthcare, 4th to 6th April 2001, City University, London. London: City University, 2001.

Gistelinck, Frans & Luc Knapen. Early sixteenth century printed books, 1501-1540, in the library of the Leuven Faculty of Theology. Supplement: ten years of acquisitions, 1994-2004. Leuven: Bibliotheek Godgeleerdheid; Dudley, MA: Peeters, 2004.

Early Sixteenth Century Printed Books catalog link

Elegantly produced in an oversize format (9x13"), with 56 woodcut reproductions (a few in color), this catalogue lists some 330 editions from the period 1501-1540, housed in the library of the Leuven Faculty of Theology and acquired since the first catalogue was published in 1994.

Kant, Immanuel. Critique of pure reason. Mineola, N.Y.: Dover Publications, 2003.

King, Kathleen P. & Mark Gura. Podcasting for teachers: using a new technology to revolutionize teaching and learning. Charlotte, NC: IAP, 2007.

Proceedings of the 2009 ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation: (PEPM'09): January 19-20, 2009, Savannah, Georgia, USA. New York, NY: ACM Press, 2009.

Juvenile Collection

Magorian, Michelle. Just Henry. London: Egmont, 2008.

Graphic Novels

Marz, Ron. Scion: royal wedding. West Carrollton, Ohio: Checker Book Pub. Group, 2007.

Moore, Alan. Alan Moore's Hypothetical lizard. Rantoul, IL: Avatar Press, 2007.

Alan Moore's Hypothetical Lizard catalog link

Finally collected, here is one of Alan Moore's greatest works and his most critically acclaimed novella of all time, painstakingly adapted to comic books. Moore's frequent collaborator Antony Johnston has carefully preserved the story as it is presented in sequential form with stunning grey-painted art by sensations Lorenzo Lorente and Sebastian Fiumara. What would you pay to learn the innermost secrets of wizards? Young prostitute Som Som has made the ultimate sacrifice; literally sworn to secrecy by cosmetic surgery, the two halves of Som Som's brain have been severed, leaving her able to hear and see... but not speak or act. Now Som Som's unique attributes will put her firmly in the center of an impossible dilemma, as an old friend return to The House Without Clocks, and a deadly game of domination begins.... This collected volume contains the entire four issue series, the full text of the original story, and both artist's original design sketches. Limited to 750 copies.

Pekar, Harvey. The beats: a graphic history. New York: Hill and Wang, 2009.

The Beats catalog link

Sadowski, Greg. Supermen!: the first wave of comic-book heroes 1939-1941. Seattle, Wash.: Fantagraphics; London: Turnaround, 2009.


New books for the week of 25 May, 2009

SILS Collection

Jones, Barbara M. Protecting intellectual freedom in your academic library: scenarios from the front lines. Chicago: American Library Association, 2009.

Jones, Ella W. Start-to-finish YA programs: hip-hop symposiums, summer reading programs, virtual tours, poetry slams, teen advisory boards, term paper clinics, and more! New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2009.

Nelson, Sandra. Implementing for results: your strategic plan in action. Chicago: American Library Association, 2009.

Scales, Pat. Protecting intellectual freedom in your school library: scenarios from the front lines. Chicago: American Library Association, 2009.

Singer, Paula M. Developing a compensation plan for your library. Chicago: American Library Association, 2009.

Juvenile Collection

Anderson, Laurie Halse. Wintergirls. New York, N.Y.: Viking, 2009.

Wintergirls catalog link

Six years after Cassie and Lia resolved to become the skinniest girls in their school, Cassie dies. Unable to bear the sadness and guilt following Cassie's death, Lia spirals deeper into her own eating disorder. Elijah, the last person to see Cassie alive, helps Lia find the strength to face her own demons and enter recovery.

Balian, Lorna & Lecia Balian. Sometimes it's turkey, sometimes it's feathers. New York: Star Bright Books, 2004.

Boritzer, Etan & Nancy Forrest. What is death? Santa Monica, CA: Veronica Lane Books, 2000.

What is Death catalog link

What Is Death? introduces children to the concept of death with examples of customs and beliefs from different religions and cultures. While addressing children's natural curiosity about the subject, the book also challenges them to reflect on the themes of tolerance, identity, and generosity. Using a gentle and comforting tone, and an honest approach, What Is Death? encourages children to embrace the positive in life. This book is the third in author Etan Boritzer's popular series, following the success of What Is God? and What Is Love?

Giovanni, Nikki & Bryan Collier. Lincoln and Douglass: an American friendship. New York: Henry Holt, 2008.

Katcher, Brian. Playing with matches. New York: Delacorte Press, 2008.

Meldrum, Christina. Madapple. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2008.

Graphic Novels

Barry, Lynda. What it is. Montréal: Drawn & Quarterly, 2008.

What It Is catalog link

How do objects summon memories? What do real images feel like? For decades, these types of questions have permeated the pages of Lynda Barry's compositions, with words attracting pictures and conjuring places through a pen that first and foremost keeps on moving. What It Is demonstrates a tried-and-true creative method that is playful, powerful, and accessible to anyone with an inquisitive wish to write or remember.