New books - March, 2009

New books for the week of 23 March, 2009

SILS Collection

Abeck, Sebastian. Network management: know it all. Amsterdam; Boston: Morgan Kaufmann/Elsevier, 2009.

Albert, Sylvie; Don Flournoy; & Rolland LeBrasseur. Networked communities: strategies for digital collaboration. Hershey: Information Science Reference, 2009.

Burnett, Judith; Peter Senker; & Kathy Walker. The myths of technology: innovation and inequality. New York: Peter Lang, 2009.

Cardoso, Jorge & Miltiadis Lytras. Semantic Web engineering in the knowledge society. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, 2009.

Chew, Eng K. & Petter Gottschalk. Information technology strategy and management: best practices. Hershey: Information Science Reference, 2009.

Chisholm, Wendy & Matt May. Universal design for Web applications. Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly Media Inc., 2008.

Chorafas, Dimitris N. IT auditing and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance: key strategies for business improvement. Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2009.

Clavel-Merrin, Genevieve & Valerie Rey. Cross language applications and the web: 27th Library Systems Seminar, Swiss National Library, Bern, 2-4 April 2003. Berne: Swiss National Library, 2004.

Craven, Louise. What are archives?: cultural and theoretical perspectives: a reader. Aldershot, England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2008.

Dunham, Ken. Mobile malware attacks and defense. Burlington, MA: Elsevier, 2009.

Holzner, Steven. Ajax: a beginner's guide. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2009.

Ajax catalog link

Kornberger, Horst. The power of stories: nurturing children's imagination and consciousness. Edinburgh: Floris, 2008.

Kendall, Michael & Brian Samways. Learning to live in the knowledge society: IFIP 20th World Computer Congress, IFIP TC 3 ED-L2L conference, September 7-10, 2008, Milano, Italy. New York, NY: Springer, 2008.

Khan, Khaled M. Managing Web service quality: measuring outcomes and effectiveness. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, 2009.

Levy, Steven. The perfect thing: how the iPod shuffles commerce, culture, and coolness. New York: Simon & Schuster, 2006.

Lytras, Miltiadis; Robert Tennyson; & Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos. Knowledge networks: the social software perspective. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, 2009.

Rennison, Nick. 100 must-read life-changing books. London: A. & C. Black, 2008.

Smith, Marc Kelly & Joe Kraynak. Take the mic: the art of performance poetry, slam, and the spoken word. Naperville, Ill.: Sourcebooks MediaFusion, 2009.

Walton, Donnelly Lancaster. Manuscript collections on the Web. Washington, DC: Association of Research Libraries, 2008.

Wiedemann, Julius. Web design: video sites. Köln; London: Taschen, 2008.

Wilson, E. Vance. Patient-centered e-health. Hershey, PA: Medical Information Science Reference, 2009.

Juvenile Collection

Berg, Brook & Nathan Alberg. When Marion copied: learning about plagiarism (supplement). Fort Atkinson, Wis.: UpstartBooks, 2006.

Blume, Judy. Here's to you, Rachel Robinson. New York: Yearling, 1993.

Blume, Judy & Irene Trivas. The pain and the great one. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2002.

Breathed, Berkeley. Red Ranger came calling: a guaranteed true Christmas story. Boston: Little, Brown and Co., 1994.

Breathed, Berkeley. The last basselope: one ferocious story. Boston: Little, Brown, 1992.

Bruel, Nick. Bad kitty. New Milford, Conn.: Roaring Brook Press, 2005.

Bad Kitty catalog link

When a kitty discovers there is no cat food in the house, she decides to become very, very bad. From the creator of the New York Times bestseller Boing! comes the riotous story of a cat gone berserk--four times over in alphabetical order. Kitty is not happy when she's told that her favorite foods are all gone and all that's left are asparagus, beets, cauliflower, dill, and 22 other equally unappealing vegetables. So she ate my homework, bit grandma, clawed the curtains, damaged the dishes, and so on, through Z. Only when tastier things arrive, an assortment of anchovies, buffalo burritos, chicken cheesecake, does she apologize to grandma.

Carle, Eric. Walter the baker. New York, NY: Aladdin Paperbacks, 1998.

Walter the Baker catalog link

An engaging tale from one of America's most beloved artists and storytellers. When the Duke notices that Walter the baker has substituted water for milk in his sweet rolls, he presents Walter with a challenge: create from one piece of dough a roll the sun can shine through three times, or be banished from the Duchy. Full color.

Cheney, Lynne & Greg Harlin. We the people: the story of our Constitution. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2008.

Cooney, Barbara. Miss Rumphius. New York, N.Y., U.S.A.: Puffin Books, 1985.

Curtis, Jamie Lee & Laura Cornell. Big words for little people. New York: Joanna Cotler Books, 2008.

DiPucchio, Kelly S. Grace for president. New York, N.Y.: Hyperion Books for Children, 2008.

Fitzgerald, Theresa R. Math dictionary for kids: the essential guide to math terms, strategies, and table. Waco, Tex.: Prufrock Press, 2006.

Friedman, Ina R. The other victims: first-person stories of non-Jews persecuted by the Nazis. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 1990.

Gonsalves, Rob & Sarah L. Thomson. Imagine a night. New York: Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2003.

Imagine a Night catalog link

Imagine a night when you can ride your bike right up the stairs to your bed. Imagine a night when your toy train rumbles on its tracks out of your room and roars back in, full sized, ready for you to hop on for a nighttime adventure. Imagine a night when a farmer plays a lullaby on his fiddle, and his field of sunflowers begins to dip and sway to the rhythm. Imagine a night when ordinary objects magically become extraordinary...a night when it is possible to believe the impossible.With the intrigue of an Escher drawing and the richness of a Chris Van Allsburg painting, renowned Canadian artist Rob Gonsalves depicts that delicious time between sleep and wakefulness, creating a breathtaking, visual exploration of imagination and possibility that will encourage both children and adults to think past the boundaries of everyday life, and see the possibilities beyond.

Harker, Jillian & Kristina Stephenson. I love you, Grandpa. Bath, UK: Parragon, Pub., 2008.

Hubbard, L. Ron. Branded outlaw. Hollywood, CA: Galaxy Press, 2008.

Hubbard, L. Ron. If I were you. Hollywood, CA: Galaxy Press LLC, 2008.

Hubbard, L. Ron. Under the black ensign. Hollywood, CA: Galaxy Press, 2007.

Hurd, Thacher. Art dog. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 1996.

Jacques, Brian & Allan Curless. Outcast of Redwall. New York: Philomel Books, 1996.

Jacques, Brian & David Elliot. Doomwyte. New York: Philomel Books, 2008.

Knight, E. E. Dragon outcast. New York: Roc, 2007.

Lasky, Kathryn. The burning. New York: Scholastic, 2004.

Lasky, Kathryn. The golden tree. New York: Scholastic, 2007.

Lasky, Kathryn. The hatchling. New York: Scholastic, 2005.

Lasky, Kathryn. The outcast. New York: Scholastic, 2005.

Lasky, Kathryn. The rescue. New York: Scholastic, 2004.

Lasky, Kathryn. The river of wind. New York: Scholastic, 2007.

Lasky, Kathryn. The siege. New York: Scholastic, 2004.

Lasky, Kathryn. The war of the ember. New York: Scholastic Paperbacks, 2008.

Lasky, Kathryn. To be a king. New York: Scholastic, 2006.

Mangum, Ariana. A forgotten landscape. Charlottesville, VA: Legacy Words, 2002.

Marriott, Zoë. Daughter of the flames. Somerville, Mass.: Candlewick Press, 2009.

Meltzer, Milton & Bethanne Andersen. Ten queens: portraits of women of power. New York: Dutton Children's Books, 1998.

Ten Queens catalog link

Nikola-Lisa, W. & Robin Kramer. 1, 2, 3 Thanksgiving! Morton Grove, Ill.: A. Whitman, 1991.

Vaughan, Marcia & Stanley Wong Hoo Foon. The dancing dragon. Greenvale, NY: Mondo Pub., 1996.

The Dancing Dragon catalog link

The Chinese New Year is about to begin. There's lots to do--tie strings of firecrackers outside, hang up red scrolls, bake special cakes, and sing New Year's songs. And when family and friends are gathered together, it's time for the parade to begin. This book folds out to reveal all the color and excitement of a traditional Chinese New Year celebration, complete with dancing dragon! Full color.

Graphic Novels

Abouet, Marguerite & Clément Oubrerie. Aya. Montréal: Drawn & Quarterly, 2007.

Craddock, Erik. BC mambo. New York: Random House Children's Books, 2009.

Holm, Jennifer L. & Matthew Holm. Babymouse: monster mash. New York: Random House, 2008.

New books for the week of 16 March, 2009

SILS Collection

Alexander, Ian & Neil Maiden. Scenarios, stories, use cases: through the systems development life-cycle. Chichester: Wiley, 2004.

Scenarios, Stories, Use Cases catalog link

Extending the scenario method beyond interface design, this important book shows developers how to design more effective systems by soliciting, analyzing, and elaborating stories from end-users Contributions from leading industry consultants and opinion-makers present a range of scenario techniques, from the light, sketchy, and agile to the careful and systematic. Includes real-world case studies from Philips, DaimlerChrysler, and Nokia, and covers systems ranging from custom software to embedded hardware-software systems.


Berry, David M. Copy, rip, burn: the politics of copyleft and open source. London: Pluto Press, 2008.

Berry, Eric. Rails pocket reference. Sebastopol, CA: O'Reilly, 2008.

Bessant, Conrad; Ian Shadforth; & Darren Oakley. Building bioinformatics solutions with Perl, R and MySQL. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2009.

Delorme, Silvie. Dialogue avec l'histoire: les collections de la Bibliothèque de l'Université Laval. Québec: Bibliothèque de l'Université Laval: Les Presses de l'Université Laval, 2008.

Gunasekaran, Angappa. Global implications of modern enterprise information systems: technologies and applications. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, 2009.

Harper, Simon & Yeliz Yesilada. Web accessibility: a foundation for research. London: Springer, 2008.

Jankowski, Terry Ann. The Medical Library Association essential guide to becoming an expert searcher: proven techniques, strategies, and tips for finding health information. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2008.

Lacity, Mary C. & Leslie P. Willcocks. Information systems and outsourcing: studies in theory and practice. Basingstoke, England; New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.

LaFrance, Mary. Copyright law in a nutshell. St. Paul, MN: Thomson/ West, 2008.

Copyright Law in a Nutshell catalog link

Coverage ranges from the fundamental concepts of originality, authorship, and infringement, to the highly technical rules governing digital phonorecord deliveries and digital public performance rights in sound recordings, the safe harbor provisions that limit the liability of internet service providers, and the anti-circumvention and copyright management information provisions of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. The ever-evolving doctrines of fair use and contributory liability are given thorough attention.

Rankin, Estelle M. & Barbara L. Murphy. AP English literature. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2007.

Sannwald, William W. Checklist of library building design considerations. Chicago: American Library Association, 2009.

Schmidt, Renita & Paul Lee Thomas. 21st century literacy: if we are scripted, are we literate? Dordrecht; London: Springer, 2008.

Sugumaran, Vijayan. Distributed artificial intelligence, agent technology, and collaborative applications. Hershey: Information Science Reference, 2009.

Terras, Melissa M. Digital images for the information professional. Aldershot, England; Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2008.

Digital Images for the Information Professional catalog link

Digital Images for the Information Professional provides an overview of the place of images in the changing information environment, and the use, function, and appropriation of digital images in both institutional and personal settings. Covering the history, technical underpinnings, sustainability, application, and management of digital images, the text is an accessible guide to both established and developing imaging technologies, providing those within the information sector with essential background knowledge of this increasingly ubiquitous medium.

Velte, Toby J.; Anthony T. Velte; & Robert Elsenpeter. Green IT: reduce your information system's environmental impact while adding to the bottom line. New York: McGraw-Hill, 2008.

Juvenile Collection

Beatty Boys. Pulling weeds to picking stocks: the adolescent millionaire. Mustang, OK: Tate Publishing & Enterprises, 2008.

Beaty, Andrea & Kevin Hawkes. When giants come to play. New York: Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2006.

Buzzeo, Toni & Sachiko Yoshikawa. Our librarian won't tell us anything!: library lessons supplement. Fort Atkinson, Wis.: Upstart Books, 2006.

Carle, Eric. Dream snow. New York: Philomel Books, 2000.

Dream Snow catalog link

In this musical and sound effects book, a farmer celebrates Christmas after the first snowfall. When he awakens from a Christmas Eve dream about a snowstorm, the farmer discovers that it has really snowed. Putting on his red suit, he goes outside, puts gifts under the Christmas tree for his animals, and presses a button near the tree, creating a most surprising musical treat for children everywhere. Full color.

East, Jennifer. A.D.D. in poetry: one family's journey with Attention Deficit Disorder. Victoria, B.C.: Trafford, 2004.

Grace, Catherine O'Neill. The White House: an illustrated history. New York: Scholastic Nonfiction, 2003.

The White House catalog link

Published in cooperation with the White House Historical Association, this rare look into the White House is the only official guide and history of the nation's most famous building for children. Full color.

Jacques, Brian & Allan Curless. The Bellmaker. New York: Philomel Books, 1995.

Jacques, Brian & Fangorn. The legend of Luke. New York: Philomel Books, 2000.

Jacques, Brian & Fangorn. Marlfox. New York: Philomel Books, 1999.

Jacques, Brian & Peter Standley. Taggerung. New York: Philomel Books, 2001.

Jeyaveeran, Ruth. The road to Mumbai. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 2004.

The Road to Mumbai catalog link

Along the road to Mumbai, Shoba and her monkey, Fuzzy Patel, make many new friends-mysterious monks, a curious camel, and a snake with a sensitive stomach, just to name a few. Shoba and Fuzzy are on their way to a top-secret monkey wedding. But you shouldn't expect an invitation. According to Fuzzy, it will be the most boring wedding in the history of the universe. But magical things can happen on the road to Mumbai-and when trouble threatens to ruin the big event, unexpected friends come to the rescue. In vivid paintings filled with color and light (and more than one uninvited guest!), Ruth Jeyaveeran brings the beauty and excitement of India alive for children everywhere to enjoy.

Krull, Kathleen & Amy June Bates. Hillary Rodham Clinton: dreams taking flight. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2008.

Lin, Grace. The red thread: an adoption fairy tale. Morton Grove, Ill.: Albert Whitman & Co., 2007.

McCain, Meghan & Dan Andreasen. My dad, John McCain. New York: Aladdin, 2008.

Nilsen, Anna. Art fraud detective. New York: Kingfisher, 2000.

Art Fraud Detective catalog link

The Museum of Art has a big problem. Some of the museum's priceless masterpieces have been stolen and replaced by cunning forgeries! Are your eyes sharp enough to spot the differences between the fake and the real Rousseau? Hone your detective skills and find the tell-tale clues that will help the police track down the master forgers, and bring back the missing masterpieces. This one-of-a-kind book combines a mystery story, fun spot-the-difference puzzles, and a fantastic introduction to some of the world's greatest art. Guaranteed to enthrall children of all ages, Art Fraud Detective includes historical information on each painting, tips on the techniques of the Old Masters, and a glossary of art terms. Features art by: Rembrandt; Constable; Monet; Picasso; Raphael; Van Gogh; and more!

Rubin, Len S. My first 91 years: and some of the stories I love to tell. Maywood, NJ: Lee Publications, 2007.

Sones, Sonya. What my girlfriend doesn't know. New York: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2007.

Weston, Robert Paul. Zorgamazoo. New York: Razorbill, 2008.

Winter, Jonah & A.G. Ford. Barack. New York: Katherine Tegen Books, 2008.

Graphic Novels

Arellano, E. Dead in Desemboque: historias de amor y sangre! Berkeley, CA: Soft Skull Press, 2008.

Brandon, Ivan. 24seven. Berkeley, Calif.: Image Comics, 2006.

Butcher, Jim. Welcome to the jungle. New York: Del Rey, 2008.

Clevinger, Brian. Atomic Robo. Calgary, Alberta: Red 5 Comics, 2008.

Atomic Robo catalog link

In 1923, Nikola Tesla's career is in its twilight until he unveils a robot with automatic intelligence--Atomic Robo! Granted full American citizenship in return for his participation in a top secret military operation in 1938, Atomic Robo goes on to found Tesladyne, a think tank dedicated to exploring the fringes of scientific inquiry. After decades of dealing with all manner of weirdness, Atomic Robo and the so-called Action Scientists of Tesladyne became the go-to defense force against the unexplained.

Life in boxes: comic art & artifacts. Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Libraries, 2008.

Millar, Mark. Superman: red son. New York: DC Comics, c2004.

Nadel, Dan & Glenn Bray. Where demented wented: the art and comics of Rory Hayes. Seattle, WA: Fantagraphics Books; New York, N.Y.: Distributed in the U.S. by W.W. Norton & Company; London: Turnaround, 2008.

Pope, Paul. Heavy liquid. New York: DC Comics, 2008.

Robinson, James & Paul Martin Smith. JSA: the Golden Age: a different look at a different era. New York: DC Comics, 2005.

Whedon, Joss; Matthews, Brett; & Conrad, Will. Serenity: better days. Milwaukie, Ore.: Dark Horse Books, 2008.



New books for the week of 9 March, 2009

SILS Collection

Mackey, Thomas P. & Trudi E. Jacobson. Using technology to teach information literacy. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2008.

Njobvu, Benson & Sjoerd Koopman. Libraries and information services towards the attainment of the UN millennium development goals. München: K. G. Saur, 2008.

Reed, Sally Gardner & Beth Nawalinski. Even more great ideas for libraries and friends. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2008.

Smolinski, Tomasz G.; Mariofanna G. Milanova; & Aboul-Ella Hassanien. Computational intelligence in biomedicine and bioinformatics: current trends and applications. Berlin: Springer, 2008.

Snow, Bonnie. Drug information: a guide to current resources. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2008.

Soares, Carlos. Applications of data mining in e-business and finance. Amsterdam; Washington, D.C.: IOS Press, 2008.

Wang, Yingxu. Novel approaches in cognitive informatics and natural intelligence. Hershey, PA: Information Science Reference, 2009.

Novel Approaches in Cognitive Informatics and Natural Intelligence catalog link

This book covers issue of cognitive informatics with a transdisciplinary inquiry of cognitive and information sciences that investigates the internal information processing mechanisms and processes of the brain and natural intelligence, and their engineering applications via an interdisciplinary approach

Juvenile Collection

Cannon, Janell. Verdi. San Diego, Calif.: Harcourt Brace, 1997.

Verdi catalog link

A young python does not want to grow slow and boring like the older snakes he sees in the tropical jungle where he lives.

Cohen, Barbara & Daniel Mark Duffy. Molly's pilgrim. New York: Lothrop Lee & Shepard Books, 1998.

Gogh, Vincent van. Vincent's colors. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art; San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2005.

Vincent's Colors catalog link

Vincent van Gogh corresponds with his younger brother, Theo, about his paintings.

Horowitz, Dave. The ugly pumpkin. New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 2005.

Kaye, M. M. The ordinary princess. New York: Viking; Puffin Books, 2002.

Khan, Hena & Julie Paschkis. The night of the moon. San Francisco, Calif.: Chronicle Books, 2008.

Laiz, Jana & Tara Cafiero. Elephants of the tsunami. Massachusetts (The Berkshires): EarthBound Book, 2005.

Lasky, Kathryn. The capture. New York: Scholastic, 2003.

Lasky, Kathryn. Exile. New York: Scholastic, 2008.

Lasky, Kathryn. The first collier. New York: Scholastic, 2006.

Rosenberg, Liz & Renée Reichert. This is the wind. New York: Roaring Brook Press, 2008.

This is the Wind catalog link

Sing-song verse and rich illustrations enhance a lovely tale about the miracle of bringing a baby into the world as experienced by a human mother and mouse mother on the same windy night on a quiet country farm.

Graphic Novels

Abadzis, Nick. Laika. New York: First Second, 2007.

Laika catalog link

This is the journey of Laika, the abandoned puppy destined to become Earth's first space traveler. With the blending of fact and fiction, this story intertwines three compelling lives. Along with Laika, there is Korolev, a driven engineer at the top of the Soviet space program and Yelena, the lab technician responsible for Laika's health and life.

Eisner, Will. The name of the game. New York: W.W. Norton, 2008.

Eisner, Will. To the heart of the storm. New York: Norton, 2008.

Iwaaki, Hitoshi. Parasyte. New York: Del Rey/Ballantine Books, 2003.

Modan, Rutu. Jamilti & other stories. Montréal: Drawn & Quarterly, 2008.

Van Hamme, Jean & Philippe Francq. Takeover bid. Ashford: Cinebook, 2008.

Woodring, Jim. The portable Frank. Seattle, Wash.: Fantagraphics, 2008.

The Portable Frank catalog link


New books for the week of 2 March, 2009

SILS Collection

Al-Hakim, Latif & Massimo Memmola. Business web strategy: design, alignment and application. Hershey: Information Science Reference, 2009.

Crawford, Walt. The liblog landscape, 2007-2008: a lateral look. Mountain View, Calif.: Cites & Insights Book, 2009.

Donham, Jean. Enhancing teaching and learning: a leadership guide for school library media specialists. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, 2008.

Healey, Paul D. Professional liability issues for librarians and information professionals. New York: Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc., 2008.

Kalet, Ira. Principles of biomedical informatics. Amsterdam; Boston: Academic Press/Elsevier, 2009.

Kashyap, Vipul; Christoph Bussler; & Matthew Moran. The Semantic Web: semantics for data and services on the Web. Berlin: Springer, 2008.

Vervest, Peter H.M.; Diederik W. van Liere; & Li Zheng. The network experience: new value from smart business networks. Berlin: Springer, 2009.

Walravens, Hartmut. The impact of digital technology on contemporary and historic newspapers: proceedings of the International Newspaper Conference, Singapore, 1 - 3 April 2008, and papers from the IFLA World Library and Information Congress, Québec, Canada, August, 2008. München: Saur, 2008.

Warlick, David F. Redefining literacy 2.0. Columbus, Ohio: Linworth Pub., 2008.


Juvenile Collection

Aiken, Joan & Kevin Hawkes. A necklace of raindrops and other stories. New York: Dell Yearling, 2003

Graham, Bob. How to heal a broken wing. Cambridge, Mass.: Candlewick Press, 2008.

Grant, Judyann Ackerman & Sue Truesdell. Chicken said, "Cluck!" New York: HarperCollins, 2008.

Jacques, Brian & Allan Curless. Pearls of Lutra. New York: Philomel Books, 1997.

Jacques, Brian & Allan Curless. The long patrol: a tale from Redwall. New York: Philomel Books, 1998.

Jacques, Brian & David Elliot. Rakkety Tam. New York: Philomel Books, 2004.

Jacques, Brian & Fangorn. Lord Brocktree: a tale of Redwall. New York: Philomel Books, 2000.

Jacques, Brian & Gary Chalk. Mossflower. New York: Philomel Books, 1988.


Lee, Suzy. Wave. San Francisco, Calif.: Chronicle Books, 2008.

Wave catalog link

In this evocative wordless book, internationally acclaimed artist Suzy Lee tells the story of a little girl's day at the beach. Stunning in their simplicity, Lee's illustrations, in just two shades of watercolor, create a vibrant story full of joy and laughter.

McCarthy, Meghan. The story of Charles Atlas, strong man. New York: A.A. Knopf, 2007.

The Story of Charles Atlas catalog link

He could tear phone books in half, bend iron bars into giant Us, and pull a 145,000-pound train with his bare hands. But Charles Atlas wasn't always one of America's most famous strong men. Once upon a time, he was a "97-pound weakling" who was picked on by neighborhood bullies. Using her trademark humor, Meghan McCarthy brings to life the story of Charles Atlas, the man who would become "the World's Most Perfectly Developed Man" and, with his fitness campaign, inspired the entire nation to get in shape, eat right, and take charge of our lives.

Scieszka, Jon & Lane Smith. Cowboy & Octopus. New York: Viking, 2007.

Cowboy and Octopus catalog link

Peanut butter and jelly. George and Martha. Frog and Toad. Cowboy and . . . Octopus? Yes, that's right. Meet Cowboy and Octopus - the next great pair to become a household name. Cowboy likes beans 'n' bacon and bacon 'n' beans. Octopus eats raw seafood. Octopus prefers knock-knock jokes, but Cowboy doesn't get them. How will these two ever be friends? Illustrated in funky, vintage-style cut-outs and told in several humorous mini-stories, the famous Stinky Cheese Man duo of Scieszka and Smith have created sweet - and of course hilarious - tales of an unlikely friendship.

Stier, Catherine & Lynne Avril. If I ran for president. Morton Grove, Ill.: Albert Whitman, 2007.

Strand, Mark & William Pène du Bois. The night book. New York: C.N. Potter: Distributed by Crown Publishers, 1985.

Tucker, Kathy & Grace Lin. The seven Chinese sisters. Morton Grove, Ill.: A. Whitman, 2003.

Webster, Nila J. & George M. Ulrich. The gift of you, the gift of me. Rochester, NY: StarMist Books, 2005.

Graphic Novels

CLAMP. Tsubasa. New York, N.Y.: Ballantine Books, 2004

Clem, Mitch. Nothing nice to say. Milwaukie, Or.: Dark Horse Books; London: Diamond, 2008.

Nothing Nice to Say catalog link

Punk-rock culture has a rich, longstanding tradition of anger, nihilism, and good old-fashioned suburban teenage angst, and no one is more headstrong and humorless about punk rock than the punks themselves. Enter Nothing Nice to Say. Mitch Clem's Nothing Nice to Say leaves no mohawked, leather-jacket-clad stone unturned in its mission to expose the awesomeness and the absurdity of punk culture. Sometimes esoteric and always hilarious, Nothing Nice is so punk you'd think the book was bound with safety pins.

Eisner, Will. Will Eisner reader: seven graphic stories by a comics master. New York: W.W. Norton, 2008.


New books for the week of 23 February, 2009

SILS Collection

Abels, Eileen G. & Deborah P. Klein. Business information: needs and strategies. Bingley, UK: Academic Press/Emerald, 2008.

Cherchi Usai, Paolo; Francis, David; Horwath, Alexander; & Loebenstein, Michael. Film curatorship: archives, museums, and the digital marketplace. Vienna: Österreichisches Filmmuseum: SYNEMA--Gesellschaft für Film und Medien; Pordenone, Italy: Le Giornate del Cinema Muto, 2008.

Fling, Robert Michael. Guide to developing a library music collection. Chicago: American Library Association, 2008.

Johnson, Dave; Alexei White; & Andre Charland. Enterprise Ajax: tools and practical solutions for building robust Ajax applications. Indianapolis, Ind.: Prentice Hall; London: Pearson Education, 2008.

Lorenz, Bernd. Handbuch zur Regensburger Verbundklassifikation: Materialien zur Einführung. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, 2008.

Miller, Joseph B. Internet technologies and information services. Westport, Conn.: Libraries Unlimited, 2009.

Taylor, Arlene G. & Daniel N. Joudrey. The organization of information. Westport, Conn.: Libraries Unlimited, 2009.

The Organization of Information catalog link

Juvenile Collection

Avi. The seer of shadows. New York, NY: HarperCollins Publishers, 2008.

The Seer of Shadows catalog link

Newbery Medalist Avi weaves one of his most suspenseful and scary tales-about a ghost who has to be seen to be believed and must be kept from carrying out a horrifying revenge. The time is 1872. The place is New York City. Horace Carpetine has been raised to believe in science and rationality. So as apprentice to Enoch Middleditch, a society photographer, he thinks of his trade as a scientific art. But when wealthy society matron Mrs. Frederick Von Macht orders a photographic portrait, strange things begin to happen. Horace's first real photographs reveal a frightful likeness: it's the image of the Von Machts' dead daughter, Eleanora. Pegg, the Von Machts' black servant girl, then leads him to the truth about who Eleanora really was and how she actually died. Joined in friendship, Pegg and Horace soon realize that his photographs are evoking both Eleanora's image and her ghost. Eleanora returns, a vengeful wraith intent on punishing those who abused her. Rich in detail, full of the magic of early photography, here is a story about the shadows, visible and invisible, that are always lurking near.

Connor, Leslie. Waiting for normal. New York, NY: Katherine Tegen Books, 2008.

Nye, Naomi Shihab. Honeybee: poems & short prose. New York: Greenwillow Books, 2008.

Graphic Novels

Kuwata, Jiro. Bat-manga!: the secret history of Batman in Japan. New York, N.Y.: Pantheon Books, 2008.