New Books - February, 2010

New books for the week of February 3, 2010

SILS Collection

Children's Book Committee, (selectors). The best children's books of the year. New York : Teachers College Press, c2009. (Z1037.A1 C49 2009)

The Best Children's Books of the Year catalog link

The Children's Book committee has selected the best recently published books for children and young adults in this easy-to-use, annotated, and beautifully illustrated guide. This special edition of the annual series celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Bank Street list that parents, librarians and teachers have come to rely on. This expanded volume includes tips for selecting age-appropriate books and a "best of" list of classic literature of the last century.

Lytras, Miltiadis D. & Patricia Ordóñez de Pablos, (editors). Knowledge ecology in global business : managing intellectual capital. Hershey, PA : Information Science Reference, c2009. (HD53 .K5934 2009)

Melin, Patricia & Janusz Kacprzyk & Witold Pedrycz, (editors). Bio-inspired hybrid intelligent systems for image analysis and pattern recognition. Berlin : Springer Verlag, c2009. (TA1637 .B56 2009)

Pankowska, Malgorzata (editor). Infonomics for distributed business and decision-making environments : creating information system ecology. Hershey : Business Science Reference, c2010. (HD30.2 .I523 2010)

Tabachnick, Stephen E., editor. Teaching the graphic novel. New York : The Modern Language Association of America, 2009. (PN6710 .T38 2009)


Juvenile Collection

Adoff, Jaime. The death of Jayson Porter. New York : Jump at the Sun/Hyperion Books for Children, c2008. (J Adoff)

Anderson, Laurie Halse. Fever, 1793. New York : Aladdin Paperbacks, 2002, c2000. (J Anderson)

Bedford, Annie North. Frosty the snow man : adapted from the song of the same name. Wisconsin : Golden Book, c1972. (JE Bedford)

Briggs, Patricia. Cry wolf. New York : Ace Books, 2008. (J Briggs)

Briggs, Patricia. Hunting ground. New York : Ace Books, 2009. (J Briggs)

Burd, Nick. The vast fields of ordinary. New York : Dial Books, c2009. (J Burd)

Cabot, Meg. Avalon High. New York : HarperCollinsPublishers, c2006. (J Cabot)

Corbett, Pie. Jumpstart! storymaking : games and activities for ages 7-12. London ; New York : Routledge, 2009. (J372.64 Corbett)

Datlow, Ellen & Terri Windling, editors. Troll's eye view : a book of villainous tales. New York : Viking, 2009. (J Datlow)

Emberley, Ed. Drawing book: make a world. Boston : Little, Brown, [1972] (J741.2 Emberley)

Goodman, Joan E. Amanda's first day of school. New York : Golden Book ;Racine, Wis. : Western Pub. Co., c1985. (JE Goodman)

Heiligman, Deborah. Charles and Emma : the Darwins' leap of faith. New York : Henry Holt and Co., 2009. (J576.8 Heiligman)

Jonell, Lynne. The secret of zoom. New York : Henry Holt and Co., 2009. (J Jonell)

The Secret of Zoom catalog link

Deep within the forest is the laboratory where Christina's father works--and where her mother was killed years ago. After an orphan boy named Taft tells her of a secret tunnel, she finds it and helps him escape the orphanage. Soon she and Taft discover there is far more to the mystery of her mother's supposed death.

Kelly, Jacqueline. The evolution of Calpurnia Tate. New York : Henry Holt, 2009. (J Kelly)

Lilly, Kenneth. Animals in the country. New York : Little Simon, c1982. (JE Lilly)

Lloyd, Saci. The carbon diaries 2015. New York : Holiday House, 2009. (J Lloyd)

Matson, Elizabeth & Stuart Stotts. The bookcase ghost : a storyteller's collection of Wisconsin ghost stories. Mt. Horeb, Wis. : Midwest Traditions, c1996. (J Matson)

Nelson Mandela's favorite African folktales. New York : W.W. Norton & Co., 2007. (J Mandela)

O'Connor, Barbara. The small adventure of Popeye and Elvis. New York : Frances Foster Books/Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2009. (J O'Connor)

Philbrick, W. R. Max the Mighty. New York : Scholastic, c1998. (J Philbrick)

Rosenberg, Amye. The biggest, most beautiful Christmas tree. New York : Golden Book ;Racine, Wis. : Western Pub. Co., c1985. (JE Rosenberg)

Seuss, Dr. Mr Brown can moo! Can you? New York, Random House [c1970] (JE Seuss)

Stavans, Ilan. Wáchale! : poetry and prose about growing up Latino in America. Chicago : Cricket Books, 2001. (J Stavans)

Wáchale! catalog link

This groundbreaking bilingual anthology, carefully designed for middle readers, demonstrates the energy, creativity, and diversity of the fastest-growing minority group in America. "Wachale!" (Spanglish for "watch out!") includes folk tales, stories, and poems in both English and Spanish and brief autobiographical essays by both well-established and emerging Latino writers.

Stotts, Stuart. Books in a box : Lutie Stearns and the traveling libraries of Wisconsin. LaFarge, WI : Big Valley Press, c2005. (J92 Sterns)

Tal, Eve. Double crossing. El Paso, TX : Cinco Puntos Press, c2005. (J Tal)

Thompson, Kate. Creature of the night. New York : Roaring Brook Press, 2009, c2008. (J Thompson)

Tripp, Valerie. Meet Molly : an American girl. Middleton, Wis. : Pleasant Co., c1989. (J Tripp)

Watson, Amy. Colonial Williamsburg ABC. Williamsburg, Va. : Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, c1994. (JE Watson)

Woodson, Jacqueline. Peace, Locomotion. New York, NY : G.P. Putnam's Sons, c2009. (J Woodson)

Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner. What lives in a shell? New York : HarperCollins Publishers, c1994. (J591.4 Zoehfeld)


Graphic Novels

DeMatteis, J. M. Kraven's last hunt. New York : Marvel ;London : Diamond [distributor], 2008. (Graphic DeMatteis)

Dini, Paul. Batman : private casebook. New York : DC Comics, 2008. (Graphic Dini)

Gaiman, Neil. Death, the high cost of living. New York, NY : DC Comics, c1994. (Graphic Gaiman)

Goscinny, René & Albert Uderzo. In the forest. Asterix the Gaul. London : Orion Books, 2004, c1965. (Graphic Goscinny)

In the Forest catalog link

When Roman Centurion Crismus Bonus finds out about Getafix’s magic potion, he kidnaps the druid to force him to reveal the recipe. So Asterix joins his friend in captivity and together they two plan to whip up a surprise with truly hair-raising effects.

Goscinny, René & Albert Uderzo. Asterix and the chieftain's shield. (Graphic Goscinny)


New books for the week of February 10, 2010

SILS Collection

Bodart, Joni Richards. Radical reads 2 : working with the newest edgy titles for teens. Lanham, Md. : Scarecrow Press, 2010. (Z1037 .B655 2010)

Chasse, Emily S. Telling tales : a guidebook & DVD. New York : Neal-Schuman Publishers, c2009. (LB1042 .C44 2009)

Coulter, Mary. Strategic management in action. Boston : Prentice Hall, c2010.(HD30.28 .C696 2010)

Eastwood, Terry & Heather MacNeil, editors. Currents of archival thinking. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Libraries Unlimited, c2010.(CD972 .C87 2010)

Currents of Archival Thinking catalog link

Currents in Archival Thinking explores key topics in the theory and practice of archival studies within three frameworks: (1) the foundational concepts of the discipline, (2) the main components of the archival mission, and (3) the metaphors that shape how we think about archives and archival institutions. Each essay will explore a given topic from both a historical and contemporary perspective, with contributors are drawn from Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States and featuring a mix of academics and practitioners.

Fontichiaro, Kristin (editor). 21st-century learning in school libraries. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Libraries Unlimited, c2009. (Z675.S3 A16 2009)

Galbraith, Patrick. Developing Web applications with Perl, memcached, MySQL and Apache. Indianapolis, IN : Wiley Pub., c2009. (TK5105.888 .G35 2009)

Grain, Heather & Paula Procter. Using health data : applying technology to work smarter. Sydney ;New York : Churchill Livingston Elsevier, c2009. (R858 .G73 2009)

Grassian, Esther S. & Joan R. Kaplowitz. Information literacy instruction : theory and practice. New York : Neal-Schuman Publishers, c2009. (ZA3075 .G73 2009)

Habich, Elizabeth. Moving library collections : a management handbook. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Libraries Unlimited, c2010.
(Z703.5 .H29 2010)

Hallberg, Bruce A. Networking : a beginner's guide. New York : McGraw-Hill, c2010. (TK5105.5 .H318 2010)

Hodgman, T. Charlie. Bioinformatics. Milton Park, Abingdon [Oxon] ;New York : Taylor & Francis, c2010. (QH324.2 .H63 2010)

Kane, Sharon. Integrating literature in the content areas : enhancing adolescent learning & literacy. Scottsdale, Ariz. : Holcomb Hathaway, Publishers, c2008. (LB1050.455 .K363 2008)

Kaushik, Avinash. Web analytics 2.0 : the art of online accountability & science of customer centricity. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2010. (ZA4235 .K38 2009)

Lawal, Ibironke. Library and information science research in the 21st century : a guide for practising librarians and students. Oxford : Chandos Pub., 2009.(Z669.7 .L39 2009)

Lovink, Geert. Uncanny networks : dialogues with the virtual intelligentsia. Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2002. (HM851 .L688 2002)

Mulford, Sam. How green is my library?. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Libraries Unlimited, c2010. (Z679.85 .M38 2010)

How Green is My Library? catalog link

While there is a broad spectrum of ecological sophistication within libraries nationwide and some regions are at the forefront of sustainable of sustainable design and operations, others are just beginning or have yet to integrate materials recycling into their daily practice. A few jurisdictions are mandating LEED certified buildings and carbon-neutral practices, while others do not yet have these concepts on their radars.

Norfolk, Sherry, & Jane Stenson, and Diane Williams, editors. Literacy development in the storytelling classroom. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Libraries Unlimited/ABC-CLIO, 2009. (LB1042 .L535 2009)

O'Sullivan, Jill & Gene Caiola. Enterprise resource planning : a transitional approach from the classroom to the business world. Boston : McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions, c2009. (HD30.28 .O79 2009)

Oswald, Godfrey. Library world records. Jefferson, N.C. : McFarland & Co., 2009. (Z721 .O79 2009)


Library World Records catalog link


Where is the oldest surviving library> building in the world? What is the name of the first book to contain photographs? This reference offers about 380 entries on libraries, books, and reference databases, illustrated with high- quality b&w photos on nearly every page. Entries include statistics and facts as well as some essay-style entries. The entries are organized in sections on national libraries, public and subscription libraries, university and academic libraries, specialty libraries and archives, bookstores, catalogs and databases, information science organizations, and library buildings. For this second edition, data are current through the end of 2007.

Nakatsu, Robbie. Diagrammatic reasoning in AI. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, c2010. (Q335 .N355 2010)

Post, David G. In search of Jefferson's moose : notes on the state of cyberspace. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2009. (K564.C6 P67 2009)

Salvner, Gary M. Teaching the selected works of Gary Paulsen. Portsmouth, NH : Heinemann, c2009. (PS3566.A834 Z86 2009)

Shelly, Gary B. & H. Albert Napier & Ollie Rivers. Discovering the Internet : complete concepts and techniques. Boston, Mass : Course Technology/Cengage Learning, c2010. (TK5105.875.I57 S5 2010)

Shelly, Gary B. & Joy L. Starks. Adobe Photoshop CS4 : comprehensive concepts and techniques. Boston, Mass. : Course Technology/Cengage Learning, c2010. (TK5105.8885.A38 S534 2010)

Sorensen, Sarah. The sustainable network : the accidental answer for a troubled planet. Sebastopol, CA : O'Reilly, c2010. (TK5105.5 .S67 2010)

Stewart, Michelle. Ethnic literary traditions in American children's literature. New York, N.Y. : Palgrave Macmillan, 2009. (PS490 .E84 2009)

Walther, Stephen. ASP.NET MVP framework unleashed. Indianapolis, Ind. : Sams Pub., 2010. (TK5105.8885.A26 W3522 2010)

Williams, Robin. The non-designer's presentation book : principles for effective presentation design. Berkeley, Calif. : Peachpit Press, c2010. (T385 .W549 2010)


Juvenile Collection

Aliaga, Roberto. El príncipe de los enredos. Zaragoza : Edelvives, c2009. (JE Aliaga)

Dianne, de Las Casas. Scared silly : 25 tales to tickle and thrill. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Libraries Unlimited, c2009. (JE de Las Casas)

Heller, Ruth. Behind the mask : a book about prepositions. New York : Putnam & Grosset Group, 1998. (JE Heller)

Behind the Mask catalog link

Through clever, rhyming text and boldly colorful illustrations, students and language lovers of all ages will enjoy Ruth Heller's world of prepositions.

Mayer, Mercer. Frog on His Own. New York : Dial Books for Young Readers, c1973. (JE Mayer)

Shollar, Leah. A thread of kindness : a tzedakah story. Brooklyn, N.Y. : Hachai Pub., 2000. (JE Shollar)

Showers, Paul. How many teeth? New York, NY : HarperTrophy, 1991. (JE Showers)


Graphic Novels

Akamatsu, Ken. Negima!. New York, N.Y. : Del Rey/Ballentine Books, 2004-c2009. (Graphic Akamatsu vol.1) - (Graphic Akamatsu vol. 15)

The best American comics. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Co., 2006-. (Graphic Moore 2009)

Maarup, Steffen P. (editor). From Wonderland with love : Danish comics in the third millennium. [London] : Aben Maler ; [Seattle, Wash.] : Fantagraphics, c2009. (Graphic Maarup)

Segar, E. C. E.C. Segar's Popeye. Let's you and him fight! Seattle, WA : Fantagraphics Books ; [New York] : Distributed in the USA by WW Norton, 2008. (Graphic Segar v.3)

Popeye: Let's You and Him Fight! catalog link

Fantagraphics's third volume collecting Segar's original Popeye (Thimble Theatre) covers 1932-1934 includes the never-republished extra-large strips set at the Chicago World's Fair and an insightful scholarly essay.

Sim, Dave. Cerebus. Kitchener, Ont. : Aardvark-Vanaheim, c1987. (Graphic Sim)


New Books for the week of Feb 17, 2010

SILS Collection

Barber, Peggy & Linda Wallace. Building a buzz : libraries & word-of-mouth marketing. Chicago : American Library Association, 2010. (Z716.3 .B37 2010)

Building a Buzz catalog link

Barber, a library consultant, was previously associate executive director for communication for ALA. Here, she details specific word-of-mouth marketing (WOMM) strategies for local libraries. The book includes information on attracting patrons, motivating employees, and using electronic and traditional media to deliver the message, plus success stories of 15 public, school, community college, and corporate libraries. B&w examples of marketing materials are given on every page, along with question-and-answer boxes and interviews with library professionals. An appendix offers marketing terms and definitions, checklists, a sample communication plan, a staff survey, and an agenda for a staff workshop. Annotation c2010 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Bastian, Jeannette Allis & Donna Webber. Archival internships : a guide for faculty, supervisors, and students. Chicago : Society of American Archivists, c2008. (CD987 .B37 2008)

Beebe, Steven A. & Timothy P. Mottet. Business and professional communication : principles and skills for leadership. Boston, MA : Allyn & Bacon, c2010. (HD30.3 .B42 2010)

Cassell, Kay Ann & Uma Hiremath. Reference and information services in the 21st century : an introduction. New York : Neal-Schuman Publishers, c2009. (Z711 .C355 2009)

Eberle, Suzanne Louise & Noelle Williamson. The fiction gateway : enriching the curriculum with children's literature. Camberwell, Vic. : ACER Press, 2009. (LB1575 .E24 2009)

The Fiction Gateway catalog link

Eberlé, a specialist in teaching literacy strategies, has teamed with fellow librarian and author Williamson to provide this guide for teachers, parents and fellow librarians who need to select fiction titles that are suitable for children. The authors provide an alphabetized list of titles that conforms to a wide variety of reading programs, with each entry listing pertinent information about plot synopses, publisher details, themes, concepts, reading levels, questions for discussion and suggestions for further reading. Appendices include tips for Internet research, SWOT analysis, information organizers, book reviews and an example of a drama script. Annotation ©2009 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Fladung, Rainer. Scientific communication : economic analysis of the electronic journal market.

Stuttgart : Ibidem, c2007. (Z692.E43 F53 2007)

Fredericks, Anthony D. Fairy tales readers theatre. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Libraries Unlimited, c2009. (LB1575 .F74 2009)

Hill, Dorothy R. & Henry N. Stickell. Brandon/Hill selected list of print books and journals for the small medical library. King of Prussia, PA : Rittenhouse, [2001?]. (Z6658 .H55 2001)

Miller, Cynthia. Managing congressional collections. Chicago : Society of American Archivists, c2008. (CD3043 .M55 2008)

Smallwood, Carol. Writing and publishing : the librarian's handbook. Chicago : American Library Association, 2010. (Z669.7 .W75 2010)

Varnelis, Kazys (editor). Networked publics. Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2008. (HM851 .N4765 2008)


Juvenile Collection

Ajmera, Maya & John D. Ivanko. Ser vecinos. Watertown, MA : Charlesbridge, c2007. (JE Ajerma)

Ardagh, Philip. The scandalous life of the Lawless sisters : criminally illustrated with what was to hand. London : Faber, 2008. (J Ardagh)

Burgess, Mark. Where teddy bears come from. Atlanta : Peachtree, 2009. (JE Burgess)

Csoóri, Sándor. Moziba megy a hold. [Budapest] : Cerkabella , 2008. (J894.511 Csoóri)

Deedy, Carmen Agra; illus. Henri Sørensen. The yellow star : the legend of King Christian X of Denmark. Atlanta, Ga. : Peachtree, 2000. (JE Deedy)

Floca, Brian. Moonshot : the flight of Apollo 11. New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, c2009. (J629.45 Floca)

Moonshot catalog link

Simply told, grandly shown, here is the flight of Apollo 11. Here for a new generation of readers and explorers are the steady astronauts, clicking themselves into gloves and helmets, strapping themselves into sideways seats. Here are their great machines in all their detail and monumentality, the ROAR of rockets, and the silence of the Moon. Here is a story of adventure and discovery -- a story of leaving and returning during the summer of 1969, and a story of home, seen whole, from far away.

Franson, Scott E. Un-brella. New Milford, Conn. : Roaring Brook Press, 2007. (JE Franson)

Garnett, Eve. The family from One End Street. London : Puffin, 2004. (J Garnett)

Graham, Bob. Queenie the bantam. London : Walker, 2008. (J Graham)

Gravett, Emily. The odd egg. New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2009. (JE Gravett)

Kraus, Robert. How Spider saved Valentine's Day. New York : Scholastic Inc., c1985. (JE Kraus)

Mann, Charles C. Before Columbus : the Americas of 1491. New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, c2009. (J970.01 Mann)

Marzollo, Jean. Valentine cats. New York : Scholastic, 1996. (JE Marzollo)

McBrier, Page. Beatrice's goat. New York : Aladdin Paperbacks, 2004, c2001. (JE McBrier)

Beatrice's Goat catalog link

Beatrice, a girl who lives in a small African village, dreams of going to school, but her family is too poor. Then her family receives a wonderful gift from a charitable organization that makes it possible for Beatrice to attend school.

McGhee, Alison. Only a witch can fly. New York : Feiwel and Friends, 2009. (JE McGhee)

Montgomery, Sy. Saving the ghost of the mountain : an expedition among snow leopards in Mongolia. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2009. (J599.75 Montgomery)

Palatini, Margie; illus. Barry Moser. Lousy rotten stinkin' grapes. New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, c2009. (JE Palatini)

Partridge, Elizabeth. Marching for freedom : walk together, children, and don't you grow weary. New York, N.Y. : Viking, c2009. (J323.1196 Partridge)

Pfeffer, Wendy. From seed to pumpkin. New York : HarperCollins, c2004. (J583 Pfeffer)

Portis, Antoinette. A penguin story. New York : HarperCollins, c2009. (JE Portis)

Prosek, James. The day my mother left. New York : Aladdin Paperbacks, 2009, c2007. (J Prosek)

Sage, Angie. Magyk. New York : Katherine Tegen Books, c2005. (J Sage)

Swindells, Robert E. Daz 4 Zoe. London : Puffin, 1995. (J Swindells)


Graphic Novels

Bashi, Parsua. Nylon road : a graphic memoir of coming of age in Iran. New York, N.Y. : St. Martin's Griffin, 2009. (Graphic Bashi)

Nylon Road catalog link

In the tradition of graphic memoirs such as Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis, comes the story of a young Iranian woman's struggles with growing up under Shiite Law, her journey into adulthood, and the daughter whom she had to leave behind when she left Iran. NYLON ROAD is a window into the soul of a culture that we are still struggling to understand. Beautifully told, poignant, this is a powerful work about the necessity of freedom.

Burns, Charles. Skin deep. Seattle, Wash. : Fantagraphics ;London : Turnaround [distributor], 2009. (Graphic Burns)

Cooke, Darwyn. The Spirit. New York : DC Comics, c2007. (Graphic Cooke)

Hanks, Fletcher. You shall die by your own evil creation! Seattle, Wash. : Fantagraphics Books, c2009. (Graphic Hanks)

Johns, Geoff. Superman Brainiac. New York : DC Comics, 2009. (Graphic Johns)

Kirkman, Robert. The walking dead : fear the hunters. Orange, CA : Image Comics, c2004-. (Graphic Kirkman v.11)

Miller, Frank & David Mazzucchelli. Batman : year one. London : Titan, 2007. (Graphic Miller)

Nash, Eric Peter. Manga kamishibai : the art of Japanese paper theater. New York : Abrams, c2009. (Graphic Nash)

Nishio, Ishin. Xxxholic : anotherholic : landolt-ring aerosol. New York : Del Rey/Ballantine Books, c2008. (Graphic Nishio)

Zimmerman, Dwight Jon. The Vietnam War : a graphic history. New York : Hill and Wang, 2009. (Graphic Zimmerman)


New books for the week of February 24, 2010

SILS Collection

Agosto, Denise E. & Sandra Hughes-Hassell (editors). Urban teens in the library : research and practice. Chicago : American Library Association, c2010. (Z718.5 .U73 2010)

Benedek, Wolfgang & Veronika Bauer & Matthias C. Kettemann (editors). Internet governance and the information society : global perspectives and European dimensions. Utrecht : Eleven International Pub. ; 2008. (KJC164.C65 I583 2008)

Bisantz, Ann M. & Catherine M. Burns (editors). Applications of cognitive work analysis. Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2009. (TA167 .A658 2009)

Boeije, Hennie. Analysis in qualitative research. Los Angeles : Sage, 2010. (H62 .B6132 2010)


Bomhold, Catharine & Terri E. Elder. Twice upon a time : a guide to fractured, altered, and retold folk and fairy tales. Westport, Conn. : Libraries Unlimited, 2008. (Reference Z1037 .B714 2008)

Twice Upon a Time catalog link

Bomhold (library and information science, U. of Southern Mississippi) and Elder, a school media specialist with the Birmingham, Alabama public schools, cite and describe humorous or otherwise altered versions of folk stories, fables, and fairy tales well known in the West. They include The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Jack and the Beanstalk, Snow White, Three Little Pigs, and The Ugly Duckling. Brief straight versions of the story precede the citations. The works cited are suitable for children kindergarten to fifth grade. Annotation ©2009 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Brumley, Rebecca. Electronic Collection Management: Forms, Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines Manual. New York : Neal-Schuman Publishers, c2009. (Z692.C65 B78 2009)

Budd, Andy & Cameron Moll & Simon Collison. CSS mastery : advanced web standards solutions. Berkeley, CA : Friends of Ed ; New York : Distributed to the Book trade in the United States by Springer-Verlag New York, Inc., c2009. (TK5105.888 .B83 2009)

Cooper, Alan & Robert Reimann & Dave Cronin. About face 3 : the essentials of interaction design. Indianapolis, IN : Wiley Pub., c2007. (QA76.9.U83 C6596 2007)

Courtney, Nancy (editor). Academic library outreach : beyond the campus walls. Westport, Conn. : Libraries Unlimited, 2009. (Z711.7 .A25 2009)


Druin, Allison (editor). Mobile technology for children : designing for interaction and learning. Amsterdam ; Boston : Morgan Kaufmann Publishers/Elsevier, c2009. (TK6570.M6 M63 2009)

Mobile Technology for Children catalog link

Children are one of the largest new user groups of mobile technology - from phones to micro-laptops to electronic toys. These products are both lauded and criticized, especially when it comes to their role in education and learning. The need has never been greater to understand how these technologies are being designed and to evaluate their impact worldwide. This book brings together contributions from leaders in industry, non-profit organizations, and academia to offer practical solutions for the design and the future of mobile technology for children.
*First book to present a multitude of voices on the design, technology, and impact of mobile devices for children and learning
*Features contributions from leading academics, designers, and policy makers from nine countries, whose affiliations include Sesame Workshop, LeapFrog Enterprises, Intel, the United Nations, and UNICEF
*Each contribution and case study is followed by a best practice overview to help readers consider their own research and design and for a quick reference

Dumas, Joseph S. & Beth A. Loring. Moderating usability tests : principles and practice for interacting. Amsterdam ; Boston : Morgan Kaufmann/Elsevier, c2008. (QA76.9.H85 D858 2008)

Garner, Dwight. Read me : a century of classic American book advertisements. New York : Ecco, c2009. (Z471 .G34 2009)

Giesecke, Joan & Beth McNeil. Fundamentals of library supervision. Chicago : American Library Association, 2010. (Z682.2.U5 G54 2010)

Göker, Ayşe & John Davies (editors). Information retrieval : searching in the 21st century. Chichester, U.K. : Wiley, 2009. (ZA3075 .I55 2009)

Gold, Rich. The plenitude : creativity, innovation, and making stuff. Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2007. (BF408 .G563 2007)

Grealy, Deborah S. & Sylvia D. Hall-Ellis. From research to practice : the scholarship of teaching and learning in LIS education. Westport, Conn. : Libraries Unlimited, 2009. (Z668 .G735 2009)

Gupta, Kulwant Rai. Directory of libraries in India. New Delhi : Atlantic Publishers & Distributors, c2009. (Z845.I4 G87 2009 v.1) & (Z845.I4 G87 2009 v.2)

Harris, Andrew. JavaScript & Ajax for dummies. Hoboken, NJ : Wiley Pub., c2010. (TK5105.8885.A52 H37 2010)

Jarrett, Caroline & Gerry Gaffney. Forms that work : designing web forms for usability. Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier : Morgan Kaufmann, c2009. (QA76.9.U83 J37 2009)


Johnson, Doug. School libraries head for the edge : rants, recommendations, and reflections. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Libraries Unlimited, c2009. (Z675.S3 J642 2009)

School Libraries Head for the Edge catalog link

As a library district supervisor in the 1900s, Doug Johnson encountered resistance from librarians who fought the notion that libraries were about something other than print. His response to that resistance led to a blog, and the blog led to a regular column in Technology Connection, a journal that later morphed into Library Media Connection. This volume brings together dozens of Johnson's best "rants" (his term) from his regular column "Head for the Edge". Some contributions are diatribes, some biographical, some philosophical. All are thought-provoking, offered in snippets that are easy to read in just a few minutes. One walks away from the book feeling as if you've met Johnson, who has earned your respect. Annotation c2010 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

Kargupta, Hillol ... [et al.] (editor). Next generation of data mining. Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2009. (QA76.9.D343 N486 2009)

Ledford, Jerri L. & Joe Teixeira & Mary E. Tyler. Google analytics. Hoboken, N.J. : Wiley, 2010. (TK5105.885.G66 L43 2010)

Markopoulos, Panos ... [et al.]. Evaluating children's interactive products : principles and practices for interaction designers. Amsterdam ; Boston : Morgan Kaufmann, c2008. (TS171.4 .E93 2008)

Mosley, Pixey Anne. Staying successful as a middle manager. Westport, Conn. : Libraries Unlimited, 2009. (Z682.4.A34 M667 2008)

Osburn, Charles B. The social transcript : uncovering library philosophy. Westport, Conn. : Libraries Unlimited, 2009. (Z665 .O83 2009)

Peters, Thomas A. Library programs online : possibilities and practicalities of Web conferencing. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Libraries Unlimited, c2009. (Z674.75.W67 P48 2009)

Righi, Carol & Janice James (editors). User-centered design stories : real-world UCD case files. Amsterdam ; Boston : Elsevier/Morgan Kaufman, c2007. (HF5415.15 .U74 2007)

Rüping, Andreas. Where code and content meet : design patterns for Web content management and delivery, personalisation and user participation. Chichester : John Wiley & Sons, 2009. (TK5105.888 .R8 2009)

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Sullivan, Michael. Serving boys through readers' advisory. Chicago : American Library Association, 2010. (Z1039.B67 S86 2010)


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Keeping up with the advances required to navigate the web for research, this second edition provides expanded and revised discussions on a variety of web related topics. This book describes the basic elements that web resource users, new or experienced, need to address to identify reliable and practical online content. The book also provides important guidance for creators of Web-based resources to more effectively convey their messages to web users. Presented in a straightforward and highly accessible format for readers of all backgrounds, the tools and strategies outlined in this book will help users and creators of Internet-based content to meet the diverse evaluation challenges posed by the web.

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14 Cows for America catalog link

In June of 2002, just nine months after Sept. 11th, a very unusual ceremony begins in a far-flung village in western Kenya. An American diplomat is surrounded by hundreds of Maasai people. A gift is about to be bestowed on the American men, women, and children, and he is there to accept it. Master storyteller Carmen Agra Deedy hits all the right notes in this elegant story of generosity that crosses boundaries, nations, and cultures. An afterword by Wilson Kimeli Naiyomah-the Maasai warrior at the center of the story-provides additional information about his tribe and their generous actions. Thomas Gonzalez's stunning paintings are saturated with rich hues of oranges and browns and blues and greens, which capture the nobility of the Maasai people and the distinctive landscape of the African plain.

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Love and honor can overcome even the fiercest obstacles, as we see in this spellbinding fairy tale, with shades of "Beauty and the Beast." To save her father, a young woman must go to the castle of a menacing lion. She fears for her life, but finds kindness rather than danger there, for by day she finds a gentle lion and by night a prince under the spell of a wicked enchantress. Soon the lady and the lion fall in love. Unlike the more familiar tale, however, this story has only just begun. The prince is not yet safe from the enchantress, and it will take all of the lady's strength and courage, through a seven-year quest, to rescue him. Dazzlingly romantic and visually magnificent, this is a book for the ages-an exhilarating tale of virtue, heroism, and the power of love.

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Alanna catalog link

"From now on I'm Alan of Trebond, the younger twin. I'll be a knight." In a time when girls are forbidden to be warriors, Alanna of Trebond wants nothing more than to be knight of the realm of Tortall. So she switches places with her brother, Thom. Disguised as a boy, Alanna begins her training as a page at the palace of King Roald. The road to knighthood, as she discovers, is not an easy one. Alanna must master weapons, combat, magic -- and also polite behavior, her temper, and even her own heart. With stubbornness, skill, and daring, she wins the admiration of all around her, and the friendship of Prince Jonathan of Tortall himself. But she also makes an enemy of the prince's uncle, the powerful and charming Duke Roger....Filled with swords and sorcery, adventure and intrigue, good and evil, Alanna's first adventure begins -- one that will lead to the fulfillment of her dreams and the magical destiny that will make her a legend in her land.

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Waiting for the Owl's Call catalog link

Eight-year-old Zulviya, her sister and her cousin, her mother and her grandmother... they all belong to the loom. For generations the women of Zulviya's family have earned their living by weaving rugs by hand. The rugs are valuable and the women are proud of their beautiful handiwork. But the work is hard. It takes months to weave a rug; each one contains hundreds of thousands of knots. Before one work day has passed, Zulviya will tie thousands of knots. As she sits at her work, Zulviya weaves not one but two patterns. The pattern on the loom will become a fine rug. She weaves a second pattern in her mind. There she sees the green of the Afghani hills, the bright blue of the nearby lake, and the vivid orange of the setting sun. And Zulviya takes comfort in the landscape in her mind.


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Prince Valiant catalog link

Universally acclaimed as the most stunningly gorgeous adventure comic strip of all time, Prince Valiant ran for 35 years under the virtuoso pen of its creator, Hal Foster. (Such was its popularity that today, decades after Foster's death, it continues to run under different hands.) The giant Sunday-funnies pages (Valiant ran only on Sundays) gave Foster a huge canvas upon which he was able to limn epic sword fights, stunning scenes of pomp and pageantry, and some of the most beautiful human beings - male and female - ever to appear in comics. And he matched his nonpareil visual sense with the narrative instincts of a born storyteller, propelling his daring young hero from one crisis to another with barely a panel to catch one's breath. Comic strip aficionados will be ecstatic, and younger readers who enjoy a classic adventure yarn will be bowled over. Volume One is rounded out with a rare, in-depth classic Foster interview previously available only in a long out-of-print issue of The Comics Journal, as well as an informative afterword detailing the production and restoration of this edition.

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The Toon Treasury of Classic Children's Comics catalog link

The TOON Treasury of Classic Children's Comics is an unprecedented collection of the greatest comics for children, artfully compiled by two of the best-known creators in publishing and the field of comics--Art Spiegelman and Francoise Mouly. This treasury created for young readers focuses on comic books, not strips, and contains humorous stories that range from a single-page to eight or even twenty-two pages, each complete and self-contained. The comics have been culled from the Golden Age of comic books, roughly the 1940s through the early 1960s, and feature the best examples of works by such renowned artists and writers as Carl Barks, John Stanley, Sheldon Mayer, Walt Kelly, Basil Wolverton, and George Carlson, among many, many others. Organizing the book into five categories Spiegelman and Mouly use their comics expertise to frame each category with an introductory essay, and provide brief biographies of the artists.