New Books - January 2019

New Books for the Week of January 27, 2019

SILS Library

With great truth & regard : the story of the typewriter in India. [Mumbai] : Godrej, [2016]. (Z49.A1 W58 2016)

International Conference of Asian Special Libraries (2nd : 2011 : Tokyo, Japan). Building user trust : key to special libraries : renaissance in the digital era. New Delhi : Pragati Publications, 2017. (Z675.A2 I64 2011)

International Conference on Library and Professional Submit (2017: Mohali, India). Dynamics of library for excellence in electronic revolution. Delhi : Bookwell, 2017. (Z678.9.A1 I568 2017)

Guide to streaming video acquisitions. Chicago : ALA Editions, 2019. (Z692.S77 G85 2019)

Wyckoff, Amy. Career programming for today's teens : exploring nontraditional and vocational alternatives. Chicago : ALA Editions, 2019. (Z718.5 .W93 2019)

Juvenile Fiction

Keret, Etgar קרת, אתגר. Aba boreaḥ ʻim ha-ḳirḳas אבא בורח עם הקרקס. Tel Aviv : Zemorah-Bitan, 760, 2תל אביב : זמורה-ביתן, 2000. (J892.4 Keret)

New Books for the Week of January 20, 2019

SILS Library

Promotion of Library Automation and Networking in North Eastern Region (Convention) (9th : 2014 : Dibrugarh University). Capacity building in library and information services : 9th Convention PLANNER - 2014 (Promotion of Library Automation and Networking in North Eastern Region). Gandhinagar : INFLIBNET Centre, 2014. (Z678.9.A1 P77 2014)

Kaul, Hari Krishen. Empowering libraries : strategies for the future. New Delhi : DELNET-Developing Library Network, 2017. (Z845.I4 K38 2017)

Graphic Novels

Dixon, Chuck. Marvel Knights : defenders of the streets. New York, NY : Marvel Worldwide, Inc., [2018]. (Graphic Dixon)

Pichetshote, Pornsak. Infidel. Portland, OR : Image Comics, [2018]. (Graphic Pichetshote)

Reynolds, Chris. The new world : comics from Mauretania. New York, NY : New York Review of Books, [2018]. (Graphic Reynolds)

Juvenile Nonfiction

Dawe, Tom. Spirited away : fairy stories of old Newfoundland. Tors Cove, Newfoundland & Labrador : Running The Goat, [2017]. (J398.2 Dawe)

Kuntz, Doug. Lost and found cat : the true story of Kunkush's incredible journey. New York : Crown Books for Young Readers, [2017]. (J636.8 Kuntz)

Zarrīnʹkilk, Nūr al-Dīn, زرين‌کلک، نور الدين. Ā avval-i alifbāst = AB zoo = آ اول الفباست. Tihrān : Kitāb-i Khurūs, Bakhsh-i Kūdak va Nawjavān, Muʼassasah-i Farhangī Pizhūhishī-i Chāp va Nashr-i Naẓar, 1397 [2018]. (J891.55 Zarrinkilk)

Rashīd, Bahījah Ṣidqī. رشيد، بهيجة صدقي. Aghān wa-alʻāb shaʻbīyah Miṣrīyah lil-aṭfāl أغان وألعاب شعبية مصرية للأطفال. al-Qāhirah : ʻĀlam al-Kutub, 1967. (J892.7 Rashid)

Morales, Yuyi. Dreamers. New York : Neal Porter Books/Holiday House, [2018]. (J92 Morales)

Nagara, Innosanto. My Night in the Planetarium. New York : Seven Stories Press, [2016]. (J92 Nagara)

Picture Books

Covell, David. Run wild. New York, New York : Viking, 2018. (JE Covell)

Fogliano, Julie. A house that once was. New York : Roaring Brook Press, a division of Holtzbrinck Publishing Holdings Limited Partnership, 2018. (JE Fogliano)

Haack, Daniel. Prince & knight. New York, NY : Little Bee Books, an imprint of Bonnier Publishing USA, [2018]. (JE Haack)

Ishida, Sanae. Chibi Samurai wants a pet : an adventure with Little Kunoichi the ninja girl. Seattle, WA : Little Bigfoot, an imprint of Sasquatch Books, [2017]. (JE Ishida)

López Ávila, Pilar. Ayobami and the names of the animals. Madrid, Spain : Cuento De Luz SL, [2017]. (JE López Ávila)

Okorafor, Nnedi. Chicken in the kitchen. London : Lantana Publishing, 2017. (JE Okorafor)

Pfeffer, Rubin. Summer supper. New York : Random House, [2018]. (JE Pfeffer)

Williamson, Emily. Gizo-gizo! : a tale from the Zongo Lagoon. Legon-Accra : Sub-Saharan Publishers, 2016. (JE Williamson)

New Books for the Week of January 13, 2019

SILS Library

Berman, Erin. Your technology outreach adventure : tools for human-centered problem solving. Chicago : ALA Editions, an imprint of the American Library Association, 2019. (Z711.7 .B47 2019)

Tonkin, Boyd. The 100 best novels in translation. Cambridge, UK : Galileo Publishers, [2018]. (Z1035.9 .T66 2018)

Banerjee, Kyle. Building digital libraries : a how-to-do-it manual for librarians. Chicago : ALA Neal-Schuman, 2019. (ZA4080 .B36 2019)

Graphic Novels

Barnett, David. Punks not dead. Los Angeles : Black Crown, 2018. (Graphic Barnett v.1)

Fordham, Fred. To kill a mockingbird : a graphic novel. New York, NY : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2018]. (Graphic Fordham)

Kishiro, Yukito. Battle Angel Alita. Vol. 5. New York : Kodansha Comics, [2018]. (Graphic Kishiro)

Rowson, Martin. The communist manifesto. [London] : SelfMadeHero, [2018]. (Graphic Rowson)

Starlin, Jim. Thanos. The infinity conflict. New York, NY : Marvel Worldwide, Inc., a subsidiary of Marvel Entertainment LLC., [2018]. (Graphic Starlin)

Thurber, Matthew. Art comic. [USA] : Drawn & Quarterly, [2018]. (Graphic Thurber)

Waid, Mark. Kingdom come. Burbank, CA : DC Comics, 2018. (Graphic Waid)

Picture Books

Bozzi, Riccardo. The forest. New York : Enchanted Lion Books, [2018]. (JE Bozzi)

Fulton, Lynn. She made a monster : how Mary Shelley created Frankenstein. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2018. (JE Fulton)

New Books for the Week of January 6, 2019

SILS Library

Teens and the new religious landscape : essays on contemporary young adult fiction. Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2018]. (PN3443 .T44 2018)

Searcy, Carly Wiggins. Project management in libraries : on time, on budget, on target. Chicago : ALA Editions, 2018. (Z678 .S43 2018)

Matthews, Joseph R. The evaluation and measurement of library services. Santa Barbara, CA : Libraries Unlimited, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2018]. (Z678.85 .M37 2018)

Recent advances in library and information science in digital era : Professor A.K. Varma festschrift. Jaipur (India) : Prateeksha Publications, 2017. (Z678.9.A83 R43 2017)

Houde, Lisa. Serving LGBTQ teens : a practical guide for librarians. Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2018]. (Z711.92.S49 H68 2018)

Graphic Novels

Batman, the Dark Knight detective. Burbank, CA : DC Comics, [2018]. (Graphic Batman)

Ferrandez, Jacques. The first man : based on the novel by Albert Camus. New York : Pegasus Books, 2018. (Graphic Ferrandez)

Shapiro, Howard. Queen of Kenosha. Pittsburgh, PA : Animal Media Group, LLC, [2018]. (Graphic Shapiro)

Stålenhag, Simon. The electric state. New York : Skybound Books, 2018. (Graphic Stålenhag)

Wein, Len. Swamp Thing, the Bronze Age. Burbank, CA : DC Comics, [2018]. (Graphic Wein v.1)

Juvenile Nonfiction

Crossley-Holland, Kevin. Norse myths : tales of Odin, Thor, and Loki. Somerville, Massachusetts : Candlewick Studio, an imprint of Candlewick Press, [2017]. (J293 Crossley-Holland)