New Books

As new titles arrive at the library, they are placed on our New Book Shelf, where they remain for one week before they are integrated into the general collection. The titles received this month are below.

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New Books for the Week of June 17, 2018

SILS Library

Managing library and information services in digital age. Guwahati : DVS Publishers, 2016. (ZA4082.I4 M36 2016)

Graphic Novels

Alice, Alex. Castle in the stars. New York : First Second, an imprint of Roaring Book Press, 2017. (Graphic Alice v.1)

Alvarez, Lorena. Nightlights. London ; New York : Nobrow, 2016. (Graphic Alvarez; c.2)

Bertrand, Gael. A land called Tarot. Portland, OR : Image Comics, [2017]. (Graphic Bertrand)

Bosma, Sam. Fantasy sports. London : Nobrow, 2015. (Graphic Bosma)

Bui, Thi. The best we could do : an illustrated memoir. New York : Abrams Comicarts, 2017. (Graphic Bui)

Coste, Xavier. Egon Schiele : his life and death. [Richmond Hill, Ontario] : Firefly Books Ltd., 2017. (Graphic Coste)

Delisle, Guy. Hostage. [Montreal, Quebec] : Drawn & Quarterly, 2017. (Graphic Delisle)

Farinella, Matteo. The senses. London : Nobrow , 2017. (Graphic Farinella)

Findakly, Brigitte. Poppies of Iraq. [Montréal, Québec] : Drawn & Quarterly, [2017]. (Graphic Findakly)

Grolleau, Fabien. Audubon : on the wings of the world. London : Nobrow Ltd, 2016. (Graphic Grolleau)

Healy, Luke. How to survive in the North. London : Nobrow Press, 2016. (Graphic Healy)

Hong, Yeon-sik. Uncomfortably happily. [Montréal, Québec] : Drawn & Quarterly, 2017. (Graphic Hong)

Humphres, Aaron L. Rosco : alien wildlife photographer. [Pittsburgh, Penn.] Action Lab Entertainment, [2016]. (Graphic Humphres)

Kickliy. Musnet. Minneapolis, MN : Odod Books, 2016. (Graphic Kickliy v.3)

King, Stacy. The stories of Edgar Allan Poe. Richmond Hill, Ontario : Manga Classics, [2017]. (Graphic King)

Kirsch, T. J. Pride of the decent man. New York : NBM Graphic Novels, 2017. (Graphic Kirsch)

Kullab, Samya. Escape from Syria. Buffalo, New York : Firefly Books, [2017]. (Graphic Kullab)

Lawrence, Mike. Star Scouts. New York : First Second, 2017. (Graphic Lawrence)

Ly, Ginger. Suee and the shadow. New York : Amulet Books, an imprint of Abrams, [2017]. (Graphic Ly)

Magnin, Joyce. Snowman : a Harry Moon adventure. Arlington Heights, Illinois : Rabbit Publishers, [2017]. (Graphic Magnin)

Metaphrog. The little mermaid. New York : Papercutz, [2017]. (Graphic Metaphrog)

Ponti, Claude. Adele in Sand Land : a Toon book. New York, NY : TOON Books, an imprint of Raw Junior, LLC, [2017]. (Graphic Ponti)

Puttkammer, Kyle. Hero cats of Stellar City. [Canonsburg, Pennsylvania] : Action Lab Entertainment, 2014. (Graphic Puttkammer v.1)

Riess, Natalie. Space battle lunchtime. Portland, OR : Oni Press, Inc., 2016. (Graphic Riess v.1)

There will be chaos. New York : Papercutz, [2017]. (Graphic Rynda)

Silvermoon, Crystal. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Richmond Hill, Ontario : Manga Classics, 2017. (Graphic Silvermoon)

Silvermoon, Crystal. The Count of Monte Cristo. Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada : Udon Entertainment Inc., [2017]. (Graphic Silvermoon)

Torres, J. The Mighty Zodiac. Portland : Oni Press, 2017. (Graphic Torres v.1)

Whyte, Campbell. Home time. book one, Under the river. Marietta, GA : Top Shelf Productions, 2017. (Graphic Whyte; c. 2)

Pop-Up Books

Anderson, Kelli. This book is a planetarium : and other extraordinary pop-up contraptions. San Francisco, CA : Chronicle Books LLC, [2017]. (J502.2 Anderson)

New Books for the Week of June 10, 2018

SILS Library

Schoenfeld, Clay. Mentor in a manual : climbing the academic ladder to tenure. Madison, WI : Magna Publications, 1992. (LB2335.7 .S36 1992)
Clifford, John. Graphic icons : visionaries who shaped modern graphic design. [Berkeley, California] : Peachpit Press, [2014]. (NC999.2 .C535 2014)

Adams, Ernest. Fundamentals of game design. Berkeley, CA : New Riders, ©2010. (QA76.76.C672 A333 2010)

 Applied computational geometry : towards geometric engineering : FCRC '96 Workshop, WACG '96, Philadelphia, PA, May 27-28, 1996 : selected papers. Berlin ; New York : Springer, c1996. (QA448.D38 A635 1996 c. 2)

Corney, Jonathan. 3D modeling with ACIS. Stirling : Saxe-Coburg, 2001. (T385 .C667 2001)

Gooch, Bruce. Non-photorealistic rendering. Natick, Mass. : A K Peters, ©2001. (T385 .G676 2001)

Lynch, Kevin. Modern robotics : mechanics, planning, and control. Cambridge, UK : Cambridge University Press, 2017. (TJ211 .L96 2017)

Magnor, Marcus A. Video-based rendering. Wellesley, Mass. : A K Peters, 2005. (TK6680.5 .M345 2005)

Handbook of virtual humans. Chichester, England ; Hoboken, NJ : Wiley, ©2004. (TR897.7 .H37 2004)

Wilkins, Mark R. MEL scripting for Maya animators. Amsterdam ; Boston : Morgan Kaufmann, 2005. (TR897.7 .W555 2005)

Janakiramaiah, M. Citation analysis of national conference proceedings on library and information science. New Delhi, India : Swastik Publications, 2017. (Z665.2.I4 J36 2017)

Mangla, P. B. Public library service in Delhi : present status and development plan 2010-2020. Kolkata : Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation, January 2016. (Z845.I4 M36 2016)

Graphic Novels

Allison, John. Bad machinery. Portland, OR : Oni Press, Inc., 2017. (Graphic Allison v.7)

Alterici, Natasha. Heathen. Vault Comics, 2017. (Graphic Alterici v.1)

Anderson, M. T. Yvain, the Knight of the Lion. Somerville, Massachusetts : Candlewick Press, 2017. (Graphic Anderson)

Bagge, Peter. Fire!! : the Zora Neale Hurston story. Montreal, Québec : Drawn & Quarterly, 2017. (Graphic Bagge)

Barry, Lynda. The good times are killing me. [Montreal, Quebec] : Drawn & Quarterly, a client publisher of Raincoast Books, 2017. (Graphic Barry)

Biondi, Flavia. Generations. [St. Louis, Missouri] : Lion Forge, LLC, [2017]. (Graphic Biondi)

Bowers, Chad. Youngblood. Portland, OR : Image Comics, Inc., [2017]. (Graphic Bowers v.1)

Britt, Fanny. Louis undercover. Toronto ; Berkeley : Groundwood : House of Anansi Press, 2017. (Graphic Britt)

Castellucci, Cecil. Soupy leaves home. Milwaukie, OR : Dark Horse Books, [2017]. (Graphic Castellucci)

Castellucci, Cecil. Shade, the Changing Girl. Burbank, CA : DC Comics, [2017]. (Graphic Castellucci)

Chanani, Nidhi. Pashima. New York : First Second, an imprint of Roaring Brook Press, 2017. (Graphic Chanani c. 2)

Clanton, Ben. Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt. New York : Tundra Books, [2017]. (Graphic Clanton c. 2)

Cornellà, Joan. Zonzo. Seattle, WA : Fantagraphics Books, Inc., [2017]. (Graphic Cornellà)

D'Andria, Nicole. Artful : an adaptation of the novel by Pater David. Action Lab Entertainment Inc, 2017. (Graphic D'Andria)

Deacon, Alexis. Geis. London : Nobrow, 2016. (Graphic Deacon v.2)

Del Duca, Leila. Afar. Portland, OR : Image Comics, Inc., [2017]. (Graphic Del Duca)

Dwinell, Kim. Surfside girls. Marietta, GA : Top Shelf Productions, an imprint of IDW Publishing, a division of Idea and Design Works, LLC, [2017]. (Graphic Dwinell v.1; v.1 c. 2)

Farinas, Ulises. Cloudia & Rex. [Greenville, South Carolina] : Buño ; [St. Louis, Missouri] : The Lion Forge, LLC, 2017. (Graphic Farinas)

Finch, Meredith. Rose. Portland, OR : Image Comics, [2017]. (Graphic Finch v.1)

Fletcher, Brenden. Gotham Academy second semester. Burbank, CA : DC Comics, [2017]. (Graphic Fletcher v.1)

Fletcher, Brenden. Motor crush. Portland, OR : Image Comics, Inc., 2017. (Graphic Fletcher v.1)

Fontana, Shea. DC super hero girls : an original graphic novel. Burbank, Calif. : DC Comics, [2016-]. (Graphic Fontana v.1; v.1 c. 2; v.3)

Gillman, Melanie. As the crow flies. [Chicago, Illinois] : Iron Circus Comics, [2017]. (Graphic Gillman)

Gravel, Elise. If found : please return to Elise Gravel. [Montréal, Québec] : Enfant, 2017. (Graphic Gravel)

Green, Katie. Lighter than my shadow. [St. Louis, Missouri] : ROAR, [an imprint of The Lion Forge, LLC], [2017]. (Graphic Green c. 2)

Gumby. New York : Papercutz, [2017]. (Graphic Gumby v.1)

Hale, Nathan. Raid of no return : a World War II tale. New York : Amulet Books, [2017]. (Graphic Hale)

Hale, Shannon. Real friends. New York : First Second, an imprint of Roaring Brook Press, [2017]. (Graphic Hale)

Heisserer, Eric. Secret weapons. New York, NY : Valiant Entertainment, LLC, [2017]. (Graphic Heisserer v.1)

Hirsh, Ananth. Our cats are more famous than us : a Johnny Wander collection. Portland, OR : Oni Press, [2017]. (Graphic Hirsh)

Horowitz, Anthony. Eagle strike : the graphic novel. Somerville, Massachusetts : Candlewick Press, 2017. (Graphic Horowitz)

Horowitz, Anthony. Alex Rider. Scorpia : the graphic novel. Somerville, Massachusetts : Candlewick Press, 2017. (Graphic Horowitz)

Houser, Jody. Faith and the future force. New York, NY : Valiant Entertainment LLC, [2018]. (Graphic Houser)

Howard, Abby. Earth before us. New York : Amulet Books, [2017]. (Graphic Howard v.1)

Jamieson, Victoria. All's faire in middle school. New York, NY : Dial Books for Young Readers, [2017]. (Graphic Jamieson c.2)

Johnson, Brian David. MWD : hell is coming home. Somerville, MA : Candlewick Press, 2017. (Graphic Johnson)

Kickliy. Musnet. Minneapolis, MN : Odod Books, 2016. (Graphic Kickliy v.4)

Latta, Sara L. SMASH! : exploring the mysteries of the universe with the Large Hadron Collider. Minneapolis, MN : Graphic Universe, [2017]. (Graphic Latta)

Lee, Jen. Garbage night. London ; New York : Nobrow, 2017. (Graphic Lee; c.2)

Liniers. Good night, Planet : a Toon book. New York, NY : Toon Books, an imprint of Raw Junior, LLC, [2017]. (Graphic Liniers c. 2)

Loux, Matthew. The time museum. New York : First Second, 2017. (Graphic Loux)

Lyfoung, Patricia. The scarlet rose. New York : Charmz, 2017. (Graphic Lyfoung v.1)

Mair Lowery, Matt. Lifeformed : Cleo makes contact. Milwaukie, OR : Dark Horse Books, 2017. (Graphic Mair Lowery)

Marazano, Richard. The dream of the butterfly. [St. Louis, Missouri] Cub House, 2017. (Graphic Marazano)

Marsden, Mariah. Anne of Green Gables : a graphic novel. Kansas City, Missouri : Andrews McMeel Publishing, [2017]. (Graphic Marsden)

McClary, J. The adventures of Miru. [Canonsburg, PA] : Action Lab Entertainment Inc, [2017]. (Graphic McClary)

McCourt, Mariah. Stitched. New York : Charmz, [2017]. (Graphic McCourt v.1)

Medina, Tony. I am Alfonso Jones. New York : Tu Books, an imprint of Lee & Low Books Inc., [2017]. (Graphic Medina c.2)

Mendoza, Dan. DollFace : tales of the ball-jointed witch hunter. Canada : Action Lab Comics, 2017. (Graphic Mendoza v.1)

Mizuki, Shigeru. Shigeru Mizuki's Kitaro. The great Tanuki War. [Montreal, Quebec] : Drawn & Quarterly, 2017. (Graphic Mizuki)

Montclare, Brandon. Rocket Girl. Berkeley, CA : Image Comics, [2014]. (Graphic Montclare v.2)

Moore, B. Clay. Savage. Vol. 1. New York, N.Y. : Valiant Entertainment, [2017]. (Graphic Moore)

Nielsen, Jon. Look. New York : NBM Graphic Novels, [2017]. (Graphic Nielsen)

Nordling, Lee. Belinda the unbeatable : a graphic novel. Minneapolis : Graphic Universe, [2017]. (Graphic Nordling)

O'Neill, Katie. The Tea Dragon Society. [Portland, Oregon] : Oni Press, Inc., 2017. (Graphic O'Neill)

Osborne, Melissa Jane. The Wendy project. New York : Super Genius, [2017]. (Graphic Osborne)

Pepose, David. Spencer & Locke. 1. [Pittsburgh, PA] : Action Lab Entertainment, 2017. (Graphic Pepose)

Phillips, Justin. Kid Sherlock. [Canonsburg, PA] : Action Lab Entertainment, [2017]. (Graphic Phillips v.1)

Pittman, Eddie. Red's planet. New York, NY : Amulet Books, an imprint of ABRAMS, 2016. (Graphic Pittman v.2)

Preece, C. A. CheMystery. Las Vegas, Nevada : ThunderStone Books, [2017]. (Graphic Preece)

Rapp, Adam. Decelerate blue. New York : First Second, [2017]. (Graphic Rapp)

Renner, Benjamin. The big bad fox. New York : First Second, 2017. (Graphic Renner)

Reynès, Mathieu. Water memory. [St. Louis, Missouri] : The Lion Forge, LLC, 2017. (Graphic Reynès)

Rugg, Jim. Street Angel : after school Kung Fu special. Portland, OR : Image Comics, Inc., [2017]. (Graphic Rugg)

Sandoval, Tony. Rendez-vous in Phoenix. Chicago, IL : Magnetic Press, October 2016. (Graphic Sandoval c.2)

Schade, Susan. Dracula marries Frankenstein! : an Anne of green bagels story. New York : Papercutz, [2017]. (Graphic Schade)

Schigiel, Gregg. Pix. Portland, OR : Image Comics, [2017]. (Graphic Schigiel v.1)

Shelley, Jim. Northstars. Action Lab Entertainment Inc 2017, ©2016. (Graphic Shelley v.1)

Siegel, Mark. 5 worlds. New York : Random House, [2017]. (Graphic Siegel v.1)

Silloray, Florent. Robert Capa : a graphic biography. Buffalo, New York : Firefly Books, 2017. (Graphic Silloray)

Silvermoon, Crystal. The jungle book. Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada : Udon Entertainment Inc., 2017. (Graphic Silvermoon)

Tabilio, Marco. Marco Polo : dangers and visions. Minneapolis : Graphic Universe, 2017. (Graphic Tabilio)

Vaughan, Brian K. Paper girls. Berkeley, CA : Image Comics, Inc., [2016]. (Graphic Vaughan v.3)

Walden, Tillie. Spinning. New York : First Second, [2017]. (Graphic Walden c.2)

Westerfeld, Scott. Spill zone. New York : First Second Books, 2017. (Graphic Westerfeld v.1 c. 2)

Wheeler, Andrew. Another castle. Grimoire. Portland, OR : Oni Press, Inc., 2017. (Graphic Wheeler)

Yang, Gene Luen. New Super-Man. Burbank, CA : DC Comics, [2017]. (Graphic Yang v.1)

Yorinks, Arthur. Making scents. New York : First Second, 2017. (Graphic Yorinks)

Young, Keezy. Taproot : a story about a gardener and a ghost. [St. Louis, Missouri] : Roar, The Lion Forge, LLC 2017. (Graphic Young)

Juvenile Fiction

Alexander, Kwame. Solo. Grand Rapids, Michigan : Blink, [2017]. (J Alexander)

Okorafor, Nnedi. Akata warrior. New York : Viking, 2017. (J Okorafor)

Picture Books

Isdahl, Nansubuga Nagadya. Sleep well Siba & Saba. London : Lantana Publishing, 2017. (JE Isdahl)

Kahiu, Wanuri. The wooden camel. London : Lantana Publishing, 2017. (JE Kahiu)

New Books for the Week of June 3, 2018

SILS Library

Nie, Liqiang. Learning from multiple social networks. [San Rafael, California] : M&C/Morgan & Claypool Publishers, [2016]. (HM742 .N54 2016)

Handbook of data structures and applications. Boca Raton, Fla. : Chapman & Hall/CRC, ©2005. (QA76.9.S88 H363 2005)

Advances in librarianship [serial]. New York, Academic Press, 1970- (Z674 .A4 v.44A(2018))

Leveraging Wikipedia : connecting communities of knowledge. Chicago : ALA Editions, the American Library Association, [2018]. (Z674.75.W55 L48 2018)

Juvenile Fiction

Carter, Caela. Forever, or a long, long time. New York : Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2017]. (J Carter)

George, Jessica Day. Tuesdays at the castle. New York : Bloomsbury, 2011. (J George)

Lisle, Janet Taylor. Quicksand Pond. New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, [2017]. (J Lisle)

Meloy, Colin. The whiz mob and the grenadine kid. New York, NY : Balzer+Bray, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2017]. (J Meloy)

Juvenile Nonfiction

Guillain, Charlotte. The street beneath my feet. Lake Forest, CA : Words & Pictures, part of the Quarto Group, 2017. (J551 Guillain)

Golio, Gary. Strange fruit : Billie Holiday and the power of a protest song. Minneapolis : Millbrook Press, [2017]. (J782.42 Golio)

Shepard, Ray Anthony. Now or never! : 54th Massachusetts Infantry's war to end slavery. Honesdale, Pennsylvania : Calkins Creek, An Imprint of Highlights, [2017]. (J973.74 Shepard)

Atkins, Laura. Fred Korematsu speaks up. Berkeley, California : Heyday, [2017]. (J92 Korematsu)

Picture Books

Heder, Thyra. Alfie : (the turtle that disappeared). New York : Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2017. (JE Heder)

Klise, Kate. Stay : a girl, a dog, a bucket list. New York : Feiwel and Friends, 2017. (JE Klise)

Smith, Lane. A perfect day. New York : Roaring Brook Press, 2017. (JE Smith)