SILS Professors, Interaction Design Lab Awarded More than $500,000 from NSF

May 17, 2001

Professors Gary Marchionini and Barbara Wildemuth at the School of Information and Library Science (SILS) and its Interaction Design Laboratory (IDL) have been awarded a $518,855 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to design and test user interfaces for digital video.
     The project, “Agileviews for Video Browsing: Advanced Surrogates, Control Mechanisms and Usability” will develop a design framework for retrieval and use of digital video on the Internet. The project will build upon the Open Video Project (, a repository of digital video based at SILS, and investigate how key frames of visual content can be used to create overviews and previews for video.
     “This grant will allow us to integrate two ongoing research themes in the IDL,” said Marchionini, “novel user interfaces that give people multiple views of information spaces, and digital libraries that include video and other multimedia data. It will also allow us to continue our international leadership in interaction design and digital libraries.”
     Techniques such as slide shows, story boards and fast-forwards of key frames will be developed and tested as augmentations to audio extracts and keyword representations of meaning in video content.  The project will run for three years and involve several graduate students at the school.

The Interaction Design Laboratory facilitates research and development in electronic information environments such as digital libraries, electronic publications, distributed courses, and shared workspaces. The IDL aims to develop theories of information seeking and interaction design and supports activities such as analysis of tasks and user behavior, design and testing of information systems and techniques, and evaluation of existing systems.