Drs. Jane Greenberg and Eva Méndez edit Semantic Web book

Release date: 

November 9, 2007

Photo of Knitting Semantic Web Book CoverJane Greenberg, a Francis Carroll McColl Term Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Science (SILS), and Eva Méndez, a professor of librarianship and information science at Spain’s Universidad Carlos III of Madrid and former visiting scholar at the SILS Metadata Research Center, have coedited the recently released book Knitting the Semantic Web, published by Haworth Press, Inc.

The Semantic Web is viewed as an extension of today’s World Wide Web that can allow humans and computers to seamlessly work together by giving online information semantic structure. Knitting the Semantic Web covers a series of interdisciplinary efforts leading to a more library-like Web through “semantic knitting.”

According to the publishers, the book “examines foundation activities and initiatives leading to standardized semantic metadata. These efforts lead to the Semantic Web—a network able to support computational activities and provide people with services efficiently.”

Knitting the Semantic Web includes a series of articles by leaders in library and information science, computer science and information intensive domains, who are exploring the Semantic Web and playing a significant role in its development.

The book contains contributions from over 20 scholars on topics such as:

• Web/Library 2.0
• Semantic Web standards like RDF, SKOS (the Simple Knowledge Organization System) and FOAF (Friend of a Friend)
• Controlled vocabularies
• Semantic Web technologies in biomedicine

“Our goal was to bring together a series of articles by people who are exploring the Semantic Web and playing a significant role in its development,” said Greenberg. “We want to make evident that librarians/information professionals can play an important role in developing, growing, and maintaining the Semantic Web--or what we see as the emerging Web of data."

“We are not sure if we will ever have a full-blown Semantic Web, but our understanding of the Semantic Web is a more library-like Web,” said Méndez.
photo of Eva and Jane
The coeditors said that the response to Knitting the Semantic Web from both information professionals and Semantic Web leaders has been extremely positive.

Cover art for the book was complete by Kerry E. Mack, designer, Product & Promotion Design, The Haworth Press Inc.

From left to right, Dr. Eva Méndez and Dr. Jane Greenberg.