Morgan Stoddard - UNC's first graduate with MSLS/JD

Release date: 

December 11, 2009

Photo of Morgan Stoddard Morgan Stoddard is the first graduate of the MSLS/JD Dual Degree Program offered by SILS and the UNC School of Law.

The degree offers students the opportunity to explore issues such as public access to information, ownership of information, an individual’s control over personal information or an institution’s reliance on information systems to accurately gather and analyze data, which all require critical legal analysis and knowledge of information systems and usage.

Professionals with degrees in law and library science are employed in law schools, law firms, federal, state and local courts, government agencies and corporations.

“The MSLS/JD program at the University of North Carolina is excellent," said Stoddard. "The faculty, students and course offerings at both the School of Law and the School of Information and Library Science are outstanding, and the dual degree curriculum is well-tailored to provide students with the knowledge and skills they will need in a law library or other legal information setting. From the time I first visited the University of North Carolina in the spring of 2005 to today, the librarians have been a constant source of guidance and encouragement.  I was given the opportunity to work in the law library as a circulation desk assistant my first year, and I continued to work there all four years, gaining experience in not only circulation and access services, but also reference, faculty services and technical services.” 

Stoddard is currently a reference librarian at the Georgetown University Law Library in Washington, D.C, a position she has held since August.