SILS Students Win ASIS&T Student Design Competition

November 5, 2010

SILS students Chris Cline (MSIS) and Justin Brinegar (BSIS) were members of a student team who won the first ever ASIS&T Student Design Competition at last week’s ASIS&T 2010 Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.

photo of Justin Brinegar

                photo of Chris Cline
Justin Brinegar                                             Chris Cline       

Cline and Brinegar formed a team with Courtney Loder (University of Pittsburgh), Sandy Graver (University of Pittsburgh) and Jillian Wallis (UCLA) on Sunday evening. The team was named “Kevin Bakin'”—since the information problem they tackled was food-related.

Over the next two days, the “Kevin Bakin’” team designed an information retrieval (IR) system that would support serendipity. They chose to use the Web site Epicurious as the platform for their system, adding a "Bakin-ize it!" button to the recipe view. Clicking on the button executed a search for recipes with some of the same ingredients. One recipe would be used to generate a new search based on its ingredients. That subsequent search was then used to generate another search . . . and so on.  The end result was six degrees of “separation/serendipity.”

Team “Kevin Bakin’” did a great job of presenting their ideas at ASIS&T on the morning of October 26th, winning out over five other design teams. Congratulations to each of them for their outstanding work!