Pet Photo Contest - Pictures are in

June 2, 2011

You can now see all of the photos of the entries for the Pet Photo Contest by clicking here.  Opening the document comes with a warning - be prepared for a whole lot of cuteness!

Congratulations to SILS students, Rachel Lerner,  Shaun Trujillo and Mike Millner whose photos were among the winners! Thanks to everyone who contributed photos of their fuzzy (and maybe not so fuzzy) babies. With 142 photo entries, and a few other donations, we raised $719 toward our Carolina Library House Habitat for Humanity build. The addition of this number brings the total fund raising to nearly $20,000 toward the $35,000 needed.

Thanks to all who are contributing!

Your Library Build a Block Task Force


And now for what you have all been waiting for.

Drum roll please......

Grand Prize Winner (most votes of any photo in a category)
03-Fred Stipe (Remy)
Remy and Fred Stipe (27 votes)
(Carolina Digital Library and Archives, Wilson Library)
Remy and Fred will receive a $60 gift certificate to Phydeaux . 

Cutest Pet 1st Place
61-Mary Lange (PugBug)
Sam and Mary Lange (6 votes)
(Fiscal Services, Davis Library)
Sam and Mary will receive a painted pet portrait by Linda Jacobson.

Cutest Pet 2nd Place
55-Rachel Lerner (NigelAndTina)
Nigel & Tina - Rachel Lerner (5 votes)
(Graduate Assistant, Health Sciences Library)
Nigel, Tina and Rachel will receive a $15 gift certificate to Phydeaux.

Best Dressed Pet 1st Place
101-Shaun Trujillo 2
Shaun Trujillo (17 votes)
(SILS and Research Assistant, Wilson Library)
This sharp dressed kitty named Vinnie and Shaun will receive three Free Play Dates with
Amy's Pet Sitting Service.

Best Dressed Pet 2nd Place
Stella and Mike Millner (13 votes)
(Carolina Digital Library and Archives, Wilson Library)
Stella and Mike will receive a $15 gift certificate to Phydeaux.

Most Unique Pet 1st Place
36-Becky Breazeale (Nikki)
Nikki and Becky Breazeale
(Resources Management Services, Health Sciences Library)
Nikki and Becky will receive a collection of gift certificates to local businesses: Phydeaux, Rita's, The Grille at Four Corners, R&R Grill .

Most Unique Pet 2nd Place
Eddie and Katherine Haggerty Moran
(E-Resources & Serials Management, Davis Library)
Eddie and Kat will receive a $15 gift certificate to Phydeaux.

Congrats to all our winners. Let the bragging begin!