SILS alumna named Senior Faculty Technology Specialist at NYU

February 8, 2011

Last fall, Meredith Rendall (MSLS '07) was named senior faculty technology specialist at New York University (NYU).  Currently, she leads policy development for NYU's local image repository and is in charge of establishing collection management protocols and streamlining content for NYU's Luna Insight image database. 

Rendall made the move after graduating from SILS to NYU because she had "a passion for (and experience in) art history and museums as well as a combined interest and education in databases, user interface and information management."

When asked how her time at SILS helped prepare for a career in information management, she emphasized that the time management and critical thinking skills she gained while a MSLS student proved invaluable to her new position at NYU and that the information courses she took at SILS provided her "with the language skills necessary to speak with various programmers and technical experts with whom I work to get my IT projects completed."

"There are also a lot of SILS grads here at NYU, which I find very comforting," Rendall added when asked about what her daily work experience is like.  "I immediately had a network of people with whom I shared a common bond."

In addition to receiving her MSLS from SILS in 2007, Rendall has a MA in Arts Administration from Drexel University in Philadelphia and a BA in Classical Studies from the University of Florida.