SILSAA Lifetime Members

August 8, 2011

For a number of years, the UNC at Chapel Hill SILS Alumni Association (SILSAA) promoted a category of membership entitled “lifetime member.” SILSAA is in the process of verifying our records of lifetime members. If you are a lifetime member but your name does not appear on our list of lifetime members, please contact Stephanie Cole at by August 25, 2011. Stephanie is a member of the School’s administrative team and is assisting the Dean and us with this project. 

The current list of SILS Alumni Association Lifetime Members follows this message.

There are two important reasons we ask you to review the list now. 

  1. In the coming weeks, SILS plans to unveil a public recognition of SILSAA lifetime members. We will unveil the recognition on Sept. 17, 2011, at the School’s 80th anniversary kick-off/tailgate picnic. We want to especially recognize all SILSAA lifetime members at the tailgate.
  2. The SILSAA Board is proposing an important change to the association. The Board is proposing to eliminate SILSAA dues, which would benefit SILSAA and the School by increasing alumni engagement, involvement and participation by our alumni for the benefit of the School; any graduate of SILS would be considered a member of SILSAA. This is the same structure as many of the School-based alumni groups on campus. Soon you will receive information via e-mail about an upcoming virtual meeting in which we plan to present these changes to the SILSAA community.

The Board feels both these changes are the right moves at the right time. We also are 100 percent committed to ensuring we provide proper recognition to SILS alumni who purchased a lifetime SILSAA membership.

Will you take a few minutes now to review the listing below and let us know if your name belongs on the roster?


David Woodbury and the SILSAA Board


SILS Alumni Association Lifetime Members

  • Prano Donna Amjadi
  • Deborah Byrne Babel
  • Anna Elise Allison
  • Timothy D'arcy Baldwin
  • Deborah Kay Balsamo
  • Jennifer Ellen Bates
  • Kitty Pauline Benson
  • Dale Monroe Bentz
  • Elizabeth Grier Bolton
  • Noreen Aboutok Breeding
  • Wyman Carlton Brown
  • Naomi Witmer Butler
  • Mary Trimble Cameron
  • Elizabeth Knight Campbell
  • Lynn Raines Carter
  • Lucy Parker Cella
  • Sayan  Chakraborty
  • Alyssa Marie Checkai
  • Polly Mueller Cipparrone
  • Carmen E. Clark
  • Nancy Nuckles Colyar
  • Bryna R. Coonin
  • Jacksie Miller Cumby
  • Mary Posey Curren
  • Rita Leanne Hammons Czeck
  • Laura Beals Davidson
  • Rose T. Dawson
  • Gail Marie Krepps Dickinson
  • Reva Jean Ellis
  • Margaret Ann Fain
  • Julia Adair Foster
  • Martina Patrice Gargard
  • J. David Gill
  • Elizabeth Diane Gorman
  • Jenifer Lyn Grady
  • James Eber Gray
  • Jane Duff Harris
  • Patsy Jacqueline Heath
  • Brian  Hilligoss
  • Arthur Daniel Hlavaty
  • Elizabeth Jerome Holder
  • Gloria Whetstone Houser
  • David Lee Hunsucker
  • Andy  Ingham
  • Laura Reed Joost
  • Michael S. Kaufman
  • Carrie C. Knoblock
  • Marian Gold Krugman
  • Selden Durgom Lamoureux
  • Eva Frances Lee
  • Marjorie Wilkins Lindsey
  • Vicki Lotz Lipski
  • Katherine Marie Lukach
  • Jennifer Elizabeth Manning
  • Jean McLaurin McCoy
  • John Michael McNealy
  • Lokman Ibrahim Meho
  • Deborah Gail Morley
  • Sara Mackay Morrison
  • Cathy Lynn Mundale
  • Michelle Hatschek Neal
  • Peter Roland Neal
  • Christine  Nelson
  • Nancy Prothro Norton
  • Adriana Pannevis Orr
  • Catherine A. Pellegrino
  • Peter Miller Pickens
  • Mary Eunice Query
  • Hannah Rains
  • Lucia Johnson Rather
  • Marlys Karen Ray
  • Helen Carter Read
  • Beth Lynn Rowe
  • Stephen Craig Sherman
  • Bernie Todd Smith
  • Sarah Turnbull Snow
  • Karen Dana Sobel
  • Harold Enck Stark
  • Chelcy Boyer Stutzman
  • Frederic D. Stutzman
  • Leslie Ann Sult
  • Teresa Renee Teague
  • Dorothy Gilliam Thomason
  • Josie Chapman Tomlinson
  • Regina Dawn Towery
  • John Boone Trotti
  • Lucy Teresa Vecera
  • Elese Michelle Veeh
  • James Withers Waller
  • Kenneth Gaines Walter
  • Sally Hill Wambold
  • Laura Elling West
  • Victoria Young Whipple
  • Alicia Whisnant
  • Lynn Whitener
  • Billy Rayford Wilkinson
  • Stacey Miller Yusko
  • David St. Clair Goble
  • John Edward Ulmschneider