Alumnus, Dr. Chirag Shah's new book now available

August 8, 2012

Dr. Chirag ShahDr. Chirag Shah (Ph.D. '10), SILS alumnus and assistant professor at Rutgers University Department of Library and Information Science at the School of Communication and Information has a new book published. In Collaborative Information Seeking Shah focuses on "two individually well-understood notions: collaboration and information seeking, with the goal of bringing them together to show how it is a natural tendency for humans to work together on complex tasks." 

According to the book description at, "today’s complex, information-intensive problems often require people to work together. Mostly these tasks go far beyond simply searching together; they include information lookup, sharing, synthesis, and decision-making. In addition, they all have an end-goal that is mutually beneficial to all parties involved. Such “collaborative information seeking” (CIS) projects typically last several sessions and the participants all share an intention to contribute and benefit. Not surprisingly, these processes are highly interactive."

"With this first comprehensive overview of an exciting new research field, Shah delivers to graduate students and researchers in academia and industry an Chirag Shah's Book Coverencompassing description of the technologies involved, state-of-the-art results, and open challenges as well as research opportunities."

Shah's research focuses on "various aspects of interactive information retrieval/seeking, especially in the context of online social networks and collaborations, contextual information mining, and applications of social media services for exploring critical socio-political issues. He has published extensively on these topics, and received Best Paper awards at several renowned conferences."