SILS undergraduate students selected for prestigious iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3)

April 10, 2012

M. GonzalezThree students in the bachelor of science in information science program at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have been selected to participate in the prestigious iSchool Inclusion Institute (i3).

The i3 helps foster a culture of creativity, innovation and collaboration across disciplines of information schools (iSchools) around the world by actively recruiting and developing students and faculty from underrepresented segments of the population through a competitive process.

Kristen Bowen, Mandi Gonzalez and Denzel McCollum are the students selected from the School of Information and Library Science out of 22 who will participate in a year-long experience which prepares them for graduate study in the information sciences and ultimately a rewarding career that matches their interests. 

The students will attend a four-week summer institute in year one; participate in a year-long research project; and come back for a two-week concluding institute in year two. All courses and workshops will be taught by a team of iSchool faculty, doctoral students and professionals. UNC at Chapel Hill School of Information and Library Science faculty member, Dr. Diane Kelly, Francis Carroll McColl Term Professor, will be one of the lecturers involved in the program.

A complete description of the i3 program is available at:

Denzel McCollumThe i3 Scholars will learn about the educational and research opportunities available at each of the iSchools – an international coalition of Information Schools dedicated to advancing the information field in the 21st Century. While each individual iSchool has its own strengths and specializations, together they share a fundamental interest in the relationships between information, people and technology. The 36-member international organization is governed by the iCaucus. More information about the iCaucus and its members can be found at

The i3 program has accepted 22 students to participate in the month-long session to be held at the University of Pittsburgh. The selected i3 scholars have an average GPA of 3.192; and are earning undergraduate degrees in such diverse disciplines as Information Science, Information Technology, Journalism, Business Administration, English Literature, Engineering, Public Health, Sociology, Media Communications, Marketing and Computer Science.

While here, the Scholars will participate in more than 50 workshops and seminars on the theoretical foundations and practical applications of developments in the Information Sciences, the critical knowledge and skills for success both in the Information Professions and in graduate school and the depth and breadth of research projects taking place in the field. Matching the Kristen Bowendiversity of the Information Field and the iSchools, the program calls for workshops on topics ranging from “Cave Paintings to Cloud Computing: 30,000 Years of Information Use” to “Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation: How Wikipedia changes everything (without changing anything)” and “Privacy in the Digital Age.”

In addition to a myriad of academic and professional development learning opportunities, the i3 will bring in speakers and lecturers specifically for the Institute – this will provide an outsider’s view of the needs of society, business and individuals for those who will create and manage the flow of information in the future.

The iSchool Inclusion Institute will take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The project is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and is designed to encourage undergraduate students from underrepresented groups to consider graduate study – and perhaps, joining the professoriate - in the Information Sciences disciplines.

Above photo on the top left is Mandi Gonzalez. The photo on the right is Denzel McCollum. The bottom photo is Kristen Bowen.