Digital Authoring Tools Incubator Group Schedule

January 30, 2013


Digital Authoring Tools Incubator Group (DATIG) is a series of short (un)workshops that will address the use and integration of digital authoring tools into academic life. The group will cover some digital authoring basics of digital authoring.

All those interested are invited to join in the conversation about how to best use digital authoring tools to focus and streamline the writing process, to move beyond the boundaries of print media and explore what might be the future of publishing.

DATIG is not a class or seminar. It is not a training series. The group is convening to have a conversation and see what people know about digital authoring and share experience in an open forum. If you have experience using the tools we will discuss, the group invites you to come tell them about it. If you don’t have any experience but are curious, come learn something new.

DATIG will meet five times over the next several months. Please feel free to join in for one, some or all of the sessions. They will have cookies and coffee. If you are a prodigious baker, please feel free to bring along any adventurous baked goods you wish to try out on a captive audience.

For an up-to-date schedule and more information, please visit the Web site:

Schedule and Topics

DATIG will meet on Friday afternoons between 3:30 and 5:00pm in the conference room at the Carolina Digital Library and Archives (CDLA), CD #3990 Wilson Library (Lower level, north-west corner of the building).


1 February
8 February
22 February
1 March
22 March


  • “My typewriter is broken” or “Why you need to learn something about digital authoring”
  • The ins and outs of InDesign: A discussion about an industry standard
  • Nice shootin’, TeX: Why TeX and its derivatives are not just for scientists anymore
  • Down the EPub: A format for interoperable, compatible and versatile e-books
  • Born-digital and fancy-free: Scalar as a media-rich alternative to print publication

And other topics as they come up. If you have one to suggest, let us know or just show up.

What is an incubator group?

An incubator is a place where something yet to be fully formed waits and receives the warmth and nourishment it needs to exist in the world on its own. This group is modeled on that principle. If you have an idea and want to share it and get a different perspective, this is the place for you. If you have something to share that might be of value to someone else, this is your chance. If you are just really curious but unsure about where to begin, get yourself to an incubator.


Ashley Reed, UNC, English / Blake Archive
John D. Martin III, UNC, SILS
Sylvia K. Miller, former editor at UNC Press

Special thanks to the CDLA for graciously hosting us this spring semester.


If you have any questions, please send e-mail to John Martin: