Michael Frye, SILS Alumnus, receives Chancellor Achievement Award from WSSU

May 14, 2013

Michael FryeDuring Winston-Salem State University’s (WSSU) annual faculty and staff recognition awards programs held May 2 and 3, 2013 on the WSSU campus, a librarian and a faculty member were recognized for their efforts to introduce information literacy into the general education curriculum.

Michael Frye (MSLS ’90), master teacher librarian facilitator and liaison librarian to the life science and chemistry faculty at WSSU, and alumnus of the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, received one of the Chancellor’s Achievement Awards, which included $1,500 in prize money. The award recognizes his collaboration with Stephanie Dance-Barnes, assistant professor of life sciences, on the creation of the information literacy course “Investigation of Diseases.”  He also worked with the General Education Information Literacy subcommittee to create a rubric that assesses students’ knowledge of information literacy.

Dance-Barnes received the WSSU Wells Fargo Excellence in Teaching Award.  She was celebrated for outstanding teaching, research and for developing the model information literacy course for the university.  The Wells Fargo award is the oldest and most prestigious faculty recognition which is three-quarter funded by Winston-Salem State University.

Frye partnered with Dance-Barnes to design the information literacy modules within the course.  Their efforts resulted in the model information literacy course for the university. Students have found the course to be engaging and informative.  To meet student demand, the course has been offered every semester since it was introduced. Frye and Dance-Barnes have presented the course concept “Investigation of Diseases” to the WSSU arts and science faculty and the WSSU Board of Trustees.  In addition, Frye has made presentations about the course to the Metrolina Library Association in Charlotte, N.C. and to the Georgia International Information Literacy Conference in Savannah, Ga.  Frye continues to recruit other life science faculty members to further expand the emphasis on information literacy within the discipline. 

The value of information literacy within the learning process was recognized by WSSU in 2011 when it was approved as one of the seven general education learning outcomes. C.G. O’Kelly librarians have consistently worked with faculty members to include more learning/research opportunities within the curriculum.  

The 2013 recognition of both a library employee and a faculty member for their joint efforts to infuse information into the curriculum is a watershed event for both the library and university.  The recognition confirms the value of the library within the instructional program.

“This is the first time that a librarian has received the award and definitely the first time that a librarian and faculty member were recognized during the same year for their joint efforts to create a practical, but effective information literacy course,” said Dr. Mae L. Rodney (Ph.D. ’86), director of Library Services and SILS alumna.

Frye’s efforts within the fields of life science and chemistry has increased the number of library instructional sessions offered within those disciplines from less than ten in 2010-11 to over 36  in 2012-13.

Frye graduated from the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, with a B.A. in English and received his Masters of Library Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1990.


The above photo taken during the awards ceremony captures he presentation of the award by WSSU Chancellor Donald Reaves on the right to Michael Frye on the left. The photo is by Garrett A. Garms, WSSU photographer.