Graduate students, Ashley Brown and Lori Neumeier, awarded MER scholarships

February 27, 2013

Ashley Brown and Lori Neumeier, Master’s students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Information and Library Science (SILS), have been awarded scholarships to attend the annual National Conference on Managing Electronic Records (MER) in Chicago, IL.

The scholarships, funded by MER sponsors Cohasset Associates, are awarded each year to one or two students from a select set of library and information schools. The scholarship at SILS was initiated in May of 2006 by Dr. Christopher (Cal) Lee. The awards cover the cost of the conference registration fee ($1795), several meals and receptions. In return, scholarship winners arrive at MER a day early and help run the conference. This is the eighth year that Cohasset Associates awarded scholarships to two SILS students.

Brown and Neumeier received the awards after submitting essays discussing why they wanted to attend the MER conference, what they hoped to learn at the conference and how attending the event fit into their career goals.

The conference is focused on addressing the operational, technical, and legal issues associated with the life-cycle management of electronic records. This year’s conference will take place May 20-22 and will feature workshops, case study presentations, and over 50 guest speakers.

Cohasset Associates has been running the Managing Electronic Records (MER) conference every year since the early 1990s (May 20-22 this year). It's one of the only conferences in the country exclusively devoted to electronic records.  MER provides a unique opportunity to be exposed to people and ideas that you won't get in other venues.

"I was able to attend MER when I was a graduate student, and it was very influential on my views and understanding of the field," said Lee.

In years past, students attending the MER conference have been hired by companies attending the conference. 

At MER, Students get opportunities to interact with both the Cohasset staff and participants.  They also get one of the binders and a CD that reflects the content of all the talks.