Oakkar Oakkar, SILS alumnus, works to improve doctor accessibility - WSJ and WRAL cover his innovations

August 5, 2013

Oakkar OakkarOakkar Oakkar (MSIS '13), was featured in two news sources recently about his innovative program through his company, Keona Health. The Wall Street Journal and WRAL-FM - Chapelboro.com have featured the work Oakkar is doing to help the medical profession.

In today's broadcast on WRAL-FM in Chapel Hill, the title, "UNC Grad is changing doctor accessibility" is featured. The article discusses Oakkar's decision to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his work through his innovative company, Keona Health.

"We all try to avoid doctor visits as much as we can, but sometimes it’s urgent, and we need answers quickly. UNC graduate Oakkar Oakkar developed an innovative software program, Keona Health, which he says will help you reach your doctor online. As part of our summer series on young entrepreneurs in Chapel Hill, Oakkar’s start-up is this week’s featured venture from the business incubator LaUNCH Chapel Hill." SILS professor, Dr. Javed Mostafa, is also mentioned in the article.

In the July 16, 2013 issue of The Wall Street Journal, in the article titled, "The doctor won’t take your call - Physicians hate phone calls—and not just because they can’t bill you" the focus is on the software created by Oakkar.