Research Data Alliance International Council Endorses Metadata Standards Directory Working Group

August 14, 2013

Jane GreenbergThe Research Data Alliance international council has endorsed the Metadata Standards Directory (MASDIR) Working Group. MASDIR is co-chaired by Dr. Jane Greenberg, professor and director of the Metadata Research Center at the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; Keith Jeffery, consultant and president of ERCIM; and Rebecca Koskela, executive director of the DataONE datanet. 

According to the Web site, "MASDIR is supported by individuals and organizations involved in the development, implementation and use of metadata for scientific data. The overriding goal is to develop a collaborative, open directory of metadata standards applicable to scientific data can help address infrastructure challenges."

“The Research Data Alliance implements the technology, practice and connections that make data work across barriers. It "aims to accelerate and facilitate research data sharing and exchange. The work of the Research Data Alliance is primarily undertaken through its working groups. Participation in working groups and interest groups, starting new working groups and attendance at the twice-yearly plenary meetings is open to all.”

Greenberg is also the principal investigator of the upcoming workshop, CAMP-4-DATA in Lisbon, Portugal that will be held on Sept. 6, 2013. She will collaborate with RDA MASDIR co-chairs, Koskela and Jeffery, as well as Jian Qin, Syracuse; and Alex Ball, UKOLN (previously known as The United Kingdom Office for Library and Information Networking), to integrate the Dublin Core Science and Metadata Community (DC-SAM) and RDA/MASDIR activities. Greenberg is the co-founder of and co-chair DC-SAM. 

Others associated with the RDA includes Drs. Reagan Moore, professor at SILS, who leads the Practical Policy Working Group of the Research Data Alliance.  As part of this working group, Moore supports two testbeds:

• DataNet Federation Consortium iRODS testbed (DICE Center)
• E-iRODS testbed (RENCI – Charles Schmitt, director of informatics and Stan Ahalt, director of RENCI)