Fellowships Available for North Carolina Artists’ Archives

April 30, 2014

Ackland Art MuseumThe University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH) is seeking student applicants interested in contemporary art, archives and preservation to identify, organize and care for the complex records of visual artists in North Carolina.

“Learning from Artists’ Archives: Preparing Next Generation Art Information Professionals through Partnerships with North Carolina’s Artists’ Archives” is a comprehensive training program supporting six fellows enrolled in the dual master’s degree offered by UNC’s School of Information and Library Science (SILS) and the Art Department’s art history program.

Currently, two dual degree fellows are enrolled in the program and we seek another four successful applicants to begin the program starting in fall 2015. A total of six fellows will complete the program. In addition to coursework at UNC, each fellow will complete two internships. These internships will expose participants to the current state of best practice by placing them at a museum, library or archive that manages the records of artists, and through working directly with North Carolina artists on their legacy needs.

The Fellowships are funded by a grant through the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS). Each two-year Fellowship offers:

  • $16,000/year stipend for two years
  • $5,000 stipend for one summer internship at a remote location
  • In-state tuition & benefits for two years (fall and spring semesters)
  • A travel stipend for professional conference participation

    Responsibilities of the Fellowships include:

  • Participation in the Learning from Artists’ Archives Advisory Board meetings;
  • Assistance developing and implementing an Artists’ Personal Archives outreach day, to be held at the Mint Museum in Charlotte, NC;
  • One (1) Internship w/ an Institutional Partner during the summer of 2015 (360 hours – approximately 3 months) at The Smithsonian Archives of American Art, Mint Museum of Art, the North Carolina Museum of Art, or another project partner institution
  • Completion of a second internship with a North Carolina artist and/or archive (location of internship to be determined in consultation with the PI and co-PI’s for the grant) during the fall 2015 or spring 2016 semester (360 hours – approximately 3 months);
  • Assistance with the organization and participation in the culminating symposium in the spring of 2017 – Artists’ Archives in the South.

Student at the North Carolina Museum of Art“Artists’ archives” present unusual challenges for long-term preservation," said Heather Gendron, principal investigator of the “Artists’ Archive” project, head of the UNC-CH Sloane Art Library, adjunct professor at SILS. "In addition to paper documents and computer files, these archives may contain actual works of art, as well as items that blur the line between art and archive, such as illustrated letters, sketchbooks, photographs and video, even brushes and paint."

In addition to the fellowships, the grant will also fund two free training events on personal archiving for up to 50 North Carolina artists, to take place at the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh and the Mint Museum in Charlotte. The program will culminate in a major symposium about collecting and preserving artists’ archives in the South.

For more details, see the news release at: http://sils.unc.edu/news/2014/art-archives-grant

To learn more about the fellowships, please contact Heather Gendron at hgendron@email.unc.edu or (919) 962-2397.

For information about applying to the dual degree program, see the Art Department Web site: http://art.unc.edu/art-history/graduate-programs/msisma-and-mslsma-degrees/


The photo in the upper left is a SILS student describing a work of art at the Ackland Museum in Chapel Hill. The bottom photo is a student studying artwork housed at the North Carolina Museum of Art.