Beta Phi Mu Inductees and Scholarship Winner

May 15, 2014

The Library and Information Studies Honor Society, Beta-Phi-Mu Epsilon Chapter held its initiation and annual meeting on May 8, 2014 at the Mediterranean Deli in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Those in attendance were welcomed by Emily Jack (MSLS ‘07) who introduced the "Lighting of the Lamp" session that signifies the initiation ceremony. The readers included 1st representative:  Lisa Gregory (MSLS ‘09), 2nd representative: Mike Millner (MSLS ‘09) and 3rd representative:  Marian Fragola (MSLS ‘08).

Those initiated into Beta-Phi-Mu included:

Beta Phi Mu InitiatesAt the meeting:

  • Trudi Johanna Abel (MSLS '13)
  • Kelly J. Agan (MSLS '13)
  • Courtney Bailey (MSLS '13)
  • Kerry A. Browder (MSLS '13)
  • Erin Clary (MSLS '13)
  • Dana Hanson-Baldauf (Ph.D. '13)
  • Lori E. Harris (MSLS '13)
  • Julia Khanova (Ph.D. '13)
  • Jonathan V. Rountree (MSLS ' 13)
  • Chelcie Juliet Rowell (MSIS '13)

Inducted in absentia:

  • Sarah Joy Arnold (MSLS '13)
  • Dani Brecher (MSLS '13)
  • Danielle Fasig (MSLS '13) 
  • Melissa Lynn Harden (MSLS '13)
  • Benjamin G. Jahre (MSLS '13)
  • Lisa McCracken (MSLS '13)
  • Karen McElfresh (MSLS '13)

The 2014 Achievement Award was presented to Courtney Bailey (MSLS ’13).

Dr. Gary Marchionini, dean and Cary C. Boshamer Distinguished Professor provided a report of the School of Information and Library Science. Kimberly Hirsh (MSLS ’11), provided minutes from the previous business meeting and the treasurer’s report. The keynote presenter was Mohamed Hamed, Middle Eastern and African Studies Librarian and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who presented, “Tales from the Cairo Book Fair.” In addition to a “riveting” talk, Hamed shared rare books, movie posters and magazines. John Blythe (MSIS ‘09) spoke to the group and Emily Jack provided closing remarks and adjourned the meeting.












Photos by Emily Jack.