Alumnus Luke Miller Publishes New Book on UX Design

March 26, 2015

Luke Miller (MSIS ’10) has authored his first book, The Practitioner’s Guide to User Experience Design, which was published by General Assembly in January.

According to the book’s description, The Practitioner's Guide "breaks down the essence of what it takes to meet a customer's needs and shows you how to apply these principles while working in tech.” The text references case studies, research, and Miller’s own personal experience to provide a resource for readers of all levels of experience in user experience design (UX design).

Miller began his career as a UX design architect for the Wall Street Journal after graduating from SILS in 2010. In 2013, he moved on to help create the new Yahoo mobile product office in New York City. During his time at Yahoo, Miller began teaching UX design classes at General Assembly and Parsons, where he began mentoring startups, entrepreneurs, and design professionals. He currently teaches in New York City and works independently as a UX designer and consultant with companies internationally.