SILS PhD Students

Sandeep Avula


Information retrieval, human-computer interactions, collaborative search, and conversational systems

Advisors: Jaime Arguello and Gary Marchionini

Heather L. Barnes

Community archives, social informatics, digital curation, organizational & cultural memory-making and/or memorialization processes

Advisor: Helen Tibbo

Matthew Belskie
Kristen Bowen 

Human-computer interaction, social studies of information

Advisors: Amelia Gibson and Zeynep Tufekci

Bogeum Choi

Information seeking behavior, Task-based information retrieval, Human factors (cognitive and affective factors in HCI), Search as Learning

Advisor: Jaime Arguello 

Thu-Mai Christian

Advisor: Helen Tibbo

Jonathan Crabtree

Digital curation, archives, and preservation

Advisor: Helen Tibbo

Anita Crescenzi


Human-computer interactions, interactive information retrieval, collaboration and information seeking and behavior, especially with regard to health

Advisors: Rob Capra and Diane Kelly

Nina Exner


Academic libraries, research competency development, mentoring of faculty-librarians, library organizational behavior, grantsmanship, popular materials

Advisor: Barbara Moran

Charlene Finley

Health informatics, information seeking behavior and use (health-related), health policies and confidentiality and security of health information

Advisors: Amelia Gibson and David Gotz

Patrick Golden


Scholarly note-taking practices, infrastructure studies, history of information systems

Advisors: Ryan Shaw and Stephanie Haas

Elliott Hauser


Data provenance, research workflows, data modeling, history and theory of information science

Advisors: Brad Hemminger and Ryan Shaw

Jacob Hill

Knowledge organization, digital humanities, Baha’i studies, Arabic & Persian manuscripts

Advisors: Ryan Shaw and Brad Hemminger

Kimberly Hirsh


Information needs and behaviors of adolescents, role of school libraries in learning, professional development of school librarians

Advisor: Sandra Hughes-Hassell

Samantha Kaplan

Misinformation and disinformation at the intersection of everyday life and health contexts focusing on information behavior and use

Advisors: Barbara Wildemuth and Ryan Shaw

Heejun Kim


Credibility assessment of health information in health-related online communities; Dynamics of social and information networks; Data analytics; Text mining; Machine learning

Advisors: Jaime Arguello and Javed Mostafa

Eliscia Kinder

Digital humanities, collective memory and community archive

Advisor: Ryan Shaw

Christopher Lenhardt
Yuan Li

Human-computer interaction, interactive information behavior, collaborative search, information/knowledge organization and knowledge re-use

Advisor: Rob Capra

YuanYe Ma


Information privacy in the big data environment, information ethics

Advisor: Arcot Rajasekar and Zeynep Tufekci

Laura March


Educational technology, digital and visual culture; accesibility, museums, libraries, and cultural institutions

Advisor: Sandra Hughes-Hassell

Deborah (Debbie) Maron

Metadata pedagogy, history of LIS, philosophy of information organization, critical information theory

Advisors: Ryan Shaw and Brian Sturm

John D. Martin III


Information behavior, disclosure of personal information, survey interfaces and methods, free/open source software (F/OSS) education, digital humanities, Middle East libraries and cultural institutions

Advisor: Sandra Hughes-Hassell

Sarah Beth Nelson


Orality and literacy, true personal storytelling, contemporary oral tradition

Advisor: Brian Sturm

Danny Anh Nguyen

Scholarly communications, information retrieval, human-computer interaction, social media, evidence-based practice

Advisor: Brad Hemminger

Snigdha Petluru 

Database and information retrieval systems, text/data mining, bio/health/medical informatics 

Advisor: David Gotz

Colin Post


Net-based art, artists' personal archives, history of art conservation

Advisor: Christopher (Cal) Lee

Andrew Rabkin 

Organization of information and information architecture, archives/special collections and cultural institutions, data management and curation, social studies of information management 

Advisor: Christopher (Cal) Lee

Emily E. Roscoe

Government officials' legal and societal obligations for information management, legal foundations of public information in a representative government, legal risk management for libraries and archives

Advisor: Christopher (Cal) Lee

Cynthia (Cindy) Schmidt

School library media, marketing and PR for libraries, professional advocacy and recruitment, Library 2.0

Advisor: Sandra Hughes-Hassell

Grace Shin

Health information, information seeking and behavior, especially with regard to health, human-computer interaction

Advisors: Bradley Hemminger and Javed Mostafa

Elnora Kelly Tayag


Community-based collections, digital humanities

Advisors: Ryan Shaw and Sandra Hughes-Hassell

Leslie Thomson


Everyday life information practices, human information interactions, information practices, online content creation, personal information management, qualitative research methods

Advisor: Barbara Wildemuth

Megan Threats


Health information behavior, digital health, public health, critical race and sexuality, social media

Advisors: Claudia Gollop and Amelia Gibson

Kelsey Urgo

Interactive Information Retrieval and Human Computer Interaction

Advisors: Jaime Arguello and Rob Capra

WenYuan Wang 

Database and information retrieval systems, text/data mining, human-computer interaction

Advisor: David Gotz

Austin Ward

Text/data mining, human-computer interaction, systems analysis and design, organization of information and information architecture 

Advisor: Rob Capra

Mary White

Academic and health sciences librarianship, information workflow and needs, public and global health.

Advisor: Mary Grace Flaherty

Shenmeng Xu

Scientometrics, scholarly communications, altmetrics and related areas

Advisor: Brad Hemminger

Hanlin Zhang
Yinglong Zhang

Human-computer interaction, collaborative search, data science, eye-tracking

Advisors: Rob Capra and Diane Kelly