International Programs

Summer Seminars

  • London: University College London
  • Prague: Charles University
  • Dublin/Berlin: University College Dublin and Humboldt University in Berlin 

The deadline to register for Prague and Dublin/Berlin has been extended to March 8.

Go behind the scenes at libraries throughout England or the Czech Republic, or explore the inner workings of global corporations and start-ups in Germany and Ireland. In a time when we are shifting to an increasingly borderless world, our programs offer both students and professionals an opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding of library or information science in a global context.

All seminars are available for 3 hours of credit from UNC SILS. Our seminars are open to UNC undergraduate and graduate students (also non-UNC graduate students), as well as practicing professionals. Participants generally have evenings and weekends free to explore on their own.


Are you ready to change [the world]? Gaining an international perspective on your studies adds invaluable depth to your personal and professional development. In addition, employers are increasingly looking for international experiences, cross-cultural skills and perspectives, and an understanding of the world’s diversity. By going abroad you can: 

  • Earn credit toward your SILS degree
  • Understand how to work with people, companies, and organizations from other countries/cultures
  • Practice problem solving through working, studying, and living in an unfamiliar context
  • Develop confidence, a strengthened sense of personal identity, flexibility, and creativity 
  • Develop skills and gain experiences that a classroom setting will never provide
  • Make the connection between the classroom and real-world experience
  • Enhance employment opportunities
  • Invest in your future career 

Students who wish to enjoy an international experience while studying at SILS are encouraged to talk to the SILS International Programs Coordinator. The following links provide an introduction to our international offerings.

Note: International students who wish to study and earn a degree at UNC SILS should refer to the graduate and undergraduate program information pages for instructions on how to apply.

  • Study Abroad Programs - SILS has formal agreements with a number of information schools around the world. In addition, UNC at Chapel Hill has formal university ties with approximately 75 other universities. In most cases, students can find courses in which they can earn Information or Library Science credit. Benefits include low cost for in-state students, full immersion into the host culture, and a wide range of subjects and courses from which to choose. 
  • Short-Term Summer Seminars - We offer 3 summer programs that run for 2 weeks. Our seminars to London and Prague focus on Library Science and our seminar to Dublin and Berlin focuses on Information Science.  
    • London: University College London
    • Prague: Charles University
    • Dublin/Berlin: University College Dublin and Humboldt University in Berlin 
  • Certificate in International Development - The Certificate in International Development is available to all graduate students currently enrolled at UNC, and it may be awarded to students pursuing either master's or doctoral degrees. The Certificate is issued to students upon meeting all requirements and is noted on their official transcript. It is administered by UNC's Center for Global Initiatives. SILS faculty Ron Bergquist serves on the faculty steering committee. If you're interested in pursuing the certificate, please contact the SILS International Programs Coordinator. 
  • Funding Resources - SILS and UNC offer a number of competitive and noncompetitive funding options for undergraduate and graduate students. These can be used for field research, study abroad, international internships, conference participation, foreign language training and more. You may also wish to visit Study Abroad 101's page on the costs of study abroad, and for tips on how to reduce your costs.

Visiting Scholars

A list of current scholars can be viewed here.

If you are interested in becoming a Visiting Scholar in the School of Information and Library Science at UNC Chapel Hill, please click here for information on how to begin the process.