External Professional Activities for Pay

UNC policy requires a Notice of Intent to Engage in External Professional Activities for Pay to be approved prior to an EPA employee beginning any compensated external activity involving his or her professional knowledge or skills. EPA employees are able to complete a Notice of Intent on-line at http://air.unc.edu which will be routed electronically to the appointing department chair for approval or disapproval.

External Professional Activities for Pay (EPAP) means any activity that:

  • is not included within one's University employment responsibilities;
  • is performed for any entity, public or private, other than the University employer;
  • is undertaken for compensation; and
  • is based upon the professional knowledge, experience and abilities of the EPA employee.

Secondary duties are included within one’s University employment responsibilities. Per the Policy on Individual Conflicts of Interest and Commitment (http://www.unc.edu/campus/policies/IndividualsCOIPolicy.pdf), secondary duties may include professional affiliations and activities traditionally undertaken by University employees outside of the immediate University employment context. Secondary duties may or may not entail the receipt of honoraria, remuneration (see additional regulations, UNC BOG Policy Manual, 300.2.2.2 [R]) or the reimbursement of expenses. A list of these duties would include:

  • membership in and service to professional associations and learned societies
  • membership on professional review or advisory panels
  • presentation of lectures, papers, concerts or exhibits
  • participation in seminars and conferences
  • reviewing or editing scholarly publications and books without receipt of compensation
  • service to accreditation bodies

For questions about policies and procedures governing external professional activities of faculty and other professional staff, please see the governing policy at http://policies.unc.edu/policies/external-activities/ or contact the SILS assistant dean for administration.