File Transfers

Instructions below demonstrate how to transfer files onto your webpage. The example shown displays SSH Secure Shell in Windows connected to the Ruby Server

  • Click on the yellow New File Transfer window icon. 

Secure Shell window

  • Your local files will be in the window on the left, the remote server files in the window on the right. You can either drag and drop folders or files from one side to the other to transfer files, or highlight a file or folder and use the Get and Put arrows at the top (Use Get to place files from the remote server into a local folder, and Put to post files from your local folders onto the remote server.)

Secure FTP Window


If you plan on returning to the same host or hosts to transfer files on an ongoing basis, it would be useful to set up host profiles. Instructions can be found below.

Creating Profiles

  1. Go to the File --> Profile / Add Profiles .
  2. Type in a profile name you will recognize as the host, such as opal or Isis .
  3. For the host name, type in your host, such as or
  4. Make sure the port is 22.
  5. Click OK
  6. The next time you open SSH Secure Shell Client, simply go to File / Profile and choose your profile. Another option is to show the Profiles bar by going to View / Profiles bar so that when you open SSH you can simply click on the Profiles folder at the top and drop down to your desired profile.