Application to Pursue Graduate Certificate in Digital Curation

By completing and submitting this form, I am indicating my intention to pursue the graduate certificate in digital curation at SILS.

I understand that:

  • Only UNC, Chapel Hill graduate students are eligible for the certificate.
  • This form allows SILS to keep track of which students are pursuing the certificate and provide appropriate student advising. It does not prevent me from opting out of the certificate later on, if I decide to do so.
  • If I do decide to opt out of the certificate, I should notify my advisor about this decision.
  • I am responsible for completing the certificate requirements as summarized at:

After submitting this from, I must email a copy of my resume to Email Dr. Cal Lee


(Include university, school/department, name of degree and year.)
(Explain why you would like to pursue the Certificate in Digital Curation and how it will help you to advance your professional goals).
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