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Welcome to the SILS Website for Employees!

The SILS HR Office is located in Manning Hall, Room 07A. Feel free to drop by the office for information regarding your employment and any applicable proceedings. For your convenience, we have prepared forms and information in a one-stop shop. 
Procedures related to Permanent SHRA and EHRA-NF employee policies fall under the purview of UNC's Office of Human Resources (OHR), and EHRA Faculty under the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor & Provost.  While you are welcome to navigate the sites directly, please don't hesitate to reach out to Joey Landry, your Senior HR Consultant, at for support in reconciling these against your individual needs.

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Diversity Training for Students, Faculty, and Staff 

  • Safe Zone – a program designed to create a network of visible allies to people who identify as part of the diverse LGBTIQA+ community
  • Green Zone – for those who wish to learn more about the military affiliated student experience
  • Carolina Firsts Advocate Training – training which provides information on first generation college students at Carolina, and highlights resources available to this specific population of students
  • HAVEN (Helping Advocates for Violence Ending Now) – a collaboration between Equal Opportunity and Compliance, Carolina Women’s Center, Office of the Dean of Students, and Student Wellness. It is intended to provide students, faculty, or staff with tools and skills to be an ally to someone who has experienced sexual, interpersonal (relationship) violence or stalking. 



Direct Deposit Forms

SHRA Direct Deposit Form :  Staff and SHRA Temps - Direct deposit forms must be accompanied by a voided check or bank memo.

EHRA Direct Deposit Form:  Faculty, EHRA Non-Faculty and Graduate Assistants - Direct deposit forms must be accompanied by a voided check or bank memo.

CANCEL Direct Deposit:  Direct deposit cancellation forms must be accompanied by the appropriate SHRA/EHRA Direct Deposit form with your new (changed) account. 


University Benefits