SILS Temporary Employees

Welcome to the SILS Office of Human Resources for Temporary, Hourly and Student Employees!

Congratulations on your new position!  We hope that this will be a rewarding appointment as you gain experience and contribute your expertise.  



SILS Hourly, Temporary and Student Employees

* Employees in this category have accepted a non-teaching temporary appointment.   


IMPORTANT NOTES for SHRA Temporary Employees:
  • Once your hire has been completed, you will be assigned a PID (Person ID Number).  You will need this PID to create an ONYEN ( and ONYEN password.  This will allow you to access the systems and program associated with your assignment.

  • If you need a ONECard, you will need to take an employment verification letter and $5.00 to the ONECard Office.  The ONECard Office is on the South Road on the third floor of the Student Stores  

  • As an SHRA Temporary Employee, you must use the TIMs time-stamp to log your work time.  When you log-in (with your ONYEN and ONYEN password), it automatically stamps your log-in time as your start time.  It will do the same at log-out and use that as your end time.  Time Information Management System (TIMs)