Lead your organization’s digital asset strategy!

Everyone is talking about big data, but what businesses and organizations need is GOOD DATA. Good data is curated data. As enterprises struggle with how to utilize, leverage, and preserve their digital assets, they need experts who can manage those assets, reducing risks and maximizing value. YOU can become a leader in this emerging field with the Professional Science Master’s (PSM) degree in Digital Curation and Management at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This innovative, 100% online program is now accepting applications. Students are admitted three times per year, with cohorts starting classes in January, May, and August.

For questions about admission requirements or the application process, please contact Programs Officer Shirley Parker at 919-962-0182 or at smparke@email.unc.edu

For more information about the PSM in Digital Curation and Management, please email SILS Alumni Distinguished Professor Helen Tibbo at tibbo@ils.unc.edu.

Watch the video below for a quick outline of the degree program, then visit digitalcuration.unc.edu for more detailed information.



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