Virtual Reality Room

The Virtual Reality (VR) Room allows users to immerse themselves in a virtual world of their choosing to experience a real life technology like no other. The VR room includes HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headset technologies along with corresponding touch controllers. With the VR headsets, a user can select a multitude of digital realities available through SILS to experience an engaging and captivating environment. The intuitive and natural touch controllers enhance this experience for users and adds to their virtual adventure as well.

Virtual environments available for users can be found here.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality is a type of technology that allows a user to fully envelop themselves in digital reality and interact with 3D worlds. A user can experience unique environments that are expressly designed for human interaction, which greatly vary from our own physical environment. Users can engage in a variety of 3D environments from simulation and interactive games, to storytelling experiences.

How to Experience Virtual Reality at SILS

The VR room is located within Manning Hall and is available for use by students, faculty, or staff of the SILS Department. To reserve the room contact the SILS IT Help Desk either in person or by sending an email to with the desired time and date. To gain access to the room come see an employee at the SILS IT Help Desk located in the SILS Library inside Manning Hall. It is highly recommended for a user to be accompanied by another person while using the VR room.

What’s in the VR Room?

VR Room


Before starting your Virtual Reality experience, refer to the instructions wall (as pictured to the left) within the VR Room. Found on the wall are complete instructions on starting the VR application and properly using the headsets and controllers. Make sure proper adjustments have been made to the headsets before starting.



VR Room

The VR Room consists of two headsets that will give a user access to different digital realities of their choosing, each is labeled on the wall (pictured left). Corresponding touch controllers are located to the left of the headsets (refer to the instructions wall to choose the right controllers). To the right of the headsets is a monitor which allows the user to launch the VR application. This monitor also serves as a viewing method for others in the room that are not engaged with the headset. It is strongly advised for you to be accompanied while using the VR headset.

SILS IT Help Desk can be contacted at or at (919) 962-8188