Dean's Message

As I write this annual column, I am struck by how much life has changed in less than one year’s time. I miss handshakes and hugs, smiling with my whole face rather than just my eyes, and walking across campus with my mind on the upcoming meeting or event rather than whether the people walking toward me are masked and how to cross paths with safety and congeniality.  

Information theory tells us that impact is signaled in the changes in data streams – that novelty and uncertainty can map to significance – the intellectual energy we call information. As we navigate the challenges and uncertainty of a global pandemic, social and economic strife, and environmental calamities, we must remember that we are in this together and need to help each other meet the challenges – as well as the opportunities – we encounter.  

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Letter from SILSAA President

This year paints a different picture of Carolina than most of us remember. 2020 is certainly not what we expected, but as Tar Heels and SILS alumni, I admire the ways that we have been able to adapt and carry on. Although challenging at times, there is still much to be celebrated!

Summer marked the beginning of a new SILS Alumni Board. I am excited to be serving as this year’s President and look forward to collaborating with the rest of the Board to better connect the alumni of the SILS community. 

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