Undergraduate Program Assessment

As part of INLS 697, senior students will  be required to complete the Undergraduate Program Assessment.

Students are instructed to save projects, exams, and other assignments to sucessfully complete this assessment. Artifacts from the BSIS curriculum will be submitted and reflected on as an evaluative tool for the BSIS learning outcomes. 

Learning outcomes of the Bachelor of Science in Information Science

Upon successful completion of the BSIS curriculum, students should be able to:

  • Use modeling to formalize understanding of complex systems in order to study and improve how data is created, managed, and used. 
  • Understand how individual and organizational context, user behavior and experience, and information technologies support and influence information use. 
  • Understand the ethical dimensions, nuances, and importance of information, including how information is constructed, interpreted, shared, managed, and assessed. 
  • Explain, discuss, analyze, and report on complex systems, organizational behavior, and the importance of information in professional contexts. 



Students will be asked to complete a series of open ended questions with the following framework in mind:  

Imagine that you are being interviewd by a potential employer or graduate school admissions committee. 

Reflect on the entirety of your experience in the BSIS major and the learning outcomes described, keeping the intended audience in mind and providing specific examples. Your answers should reflect your personal experience and understanding of the education received at SILS and connect to specific SILS courses and/or assignments.  Students can expect to write 1–3 paragraphs for each answer. Students should upload examples of work (e.g., presentation slides, research papers, design briefs, programming projects, etc.), but if you have not kept copies of relevant work, you can describe it in detail instead. 


The assignment will be issued directly to senior students enrolled in INLS 697 by the SILS Undergraduate Committee and will be due prior to the end of the semester. Completion of the assessment is required for graduation.