Graduate Alumni Profiles

Name: Devan Ray Donaldson
Title: Graduate Student Research Assistant
Employer: University of Michigan School of Information
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 2008
I am a Doctoral Candidate and Graduate Student Research Assistant (GSRA) at the University of Michigan School of Information (UMSI). In the broad research areas of data curation and digital preservation, I am interested in preservation management,...
Name: Shawn Guy
Title: Business Systems Analyst
Employer: SAS
Degree: BSIS, MSIS
Graduation year: 2010
I am currently a Business Systems Analyst within the Sales Operations Department at SAS.  From a young age, I was always fascinated by technology and helping people solve their problems so it was only natural that I was interested in the Information Science...
Name: Elizabeth (George) Watson
Title: Duplin County Library Director
Employer: Duplin County Public Library, Kenansville, North Carolina
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 2008
I am currently the county librarian and Library Director for Duplin County. Our library system consists of a Headquarters Library in Kenansville, NC and five branch libraries. One of our branch libraries was once a train station, another used to a dentist...
Name: Billy Cook
Title: Knowledge Execution Lead
Employer: CIGNA
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 2012
At CIGNA, I am on a team that is implementing Knowledge Management (KM) throughout the organization. This KM effort is new, so new in fact, that our team structure, roles, and responsibilities were just aligned with corporate strategy and formalized last...
Name: COL David J. Parramore
Title: Army Medicine Chief Technology Officer, Health Services Information Systems Management Consultant to the Army Surgeon General
Employer: Medical Service Corps, US Army
Degree: MSIS
Graduation year: 2002
COL Dave Parramore is the Chief Technology Officer for a $10 Billion healthcare business which cares for more than 3.95 million beneficiaries -- active-duty members of all services, retirees and their family members. Future technology leader for eight Army...
Name: Joan Petit
Title: Communications & Outreach Librarian, Associate Professor
Employer: Portland State University Library - Portland, OR
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 2006
Few would think to go to Portland, Oregon, by way of Cairo, but Joan Petit (MSLS ’06) took precisely that path. After graduating from SILS, Petit followed her enthusiasm for reference and instructional librarianship to the American University in Cairo (AUC),...
Name: Anuj Sharma
Title: Business Analyst
Employer: Chevron Energy Technology Corporation
Degree: MSIS
Graduation year: 2006
Anuj Sharma is a proud MSIS graduate of the class of 2006. "After graduating from the SILS MSIS program in 2006, I obtained a job at the Chevron Corporation," said Anuj. "The company was starting an Information Management Center of Excellence and the leaders...
Name: Susan Teague Rector
Title: Web Strategist and Information Architect
Employer: University of Colorado, Denver - University Web Services
Degree: MSIS
Graduation year: 2004
Susan joined the Web services team at University of Colorado Denver this past summer. Her responsibilities range from working on a long-term university strategy and governance plan for Web site mobility, to reading about Sharepoint taxonomies, to working with...
Name: Matt Thomas
Title: Web Application Developer
Employer: The Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)
Degree: MSIS
Graduation year: 2010
Matt Thomas is a Web application developer for the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE). "While I was a student, I worked for AASHE as an intern and part-time employee," said Thomas. "When I graduated, I accepted their...
Name: Beth Morris
Title: Assistant Librarian
Employer: Yale Center for the British Art
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 2010
What was your educational and professional background before coming to SILS? BA Fine Art, Elon University, received 2006 Circulation Desk Attendant, Elon University Belk Library, 2003-2006 Enrollment Support Advisor, Broadreach Inc., 2007-2008 How has your...
Name: Vedana Vaidhyanathan
Title: Science Reference Librarian: Biomedical Sciences and Informatics
Employer: University of Chicago
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 2008
How did I get here? The long story of how I became a medical/science librarian begins with a reference librarian at the Clearfield branch of the local public library in Amherst, NY. When I was 12, my father was put on a list for a heart transplant. I was a...
Name: Marisa Ramirez
Title: Digital Repository Librarian
Employer: California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 2005
Marisa Ramirez is primarily responsible for the development and implementation of the DigitalCommons@CalPoly, a digital repository that provides online open access to scholarship and research produced by Cal Poly faculty and students. She collaborates with...
Name: Butch Lazorchak
Title: Digital Archivist
Employer: Library of Congress
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 2004
Prior to entering SILS in the fall of 2002, I had only a vague idea of the direction that my career might ultimately take. I had very little traditional library or archive experience (my background was in the music industry), but was fairly certain that I...
Name: J. Scott Brownlee
Title: Admissions Counselor
Employer: Wharton MBA Program for Executives
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 2011
What was your educational and professional background before coming to SILS? I had majored in English at UT-Austin and had looked at going into secondary education before deciding work in libraries might be more rewarding and interesting professionally based...
Name: Alice Campbell
Title: Texas Collection Curator
Employer: Baylor University Libraries
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 1989
When I graduated from SILS, I was prepared for either work in an academic or public library.  I have an M.A. in Art History, but I also have a great love of children's literature.  My husband is both an English professor and active in the field of integrating...
Name: Evan Carroll
Title: Author, Keynote Speaker, and Marketing Technologist
Employer: Evan Carroll and Associates
Degree: BSIS, MSIS
Graduation year: 2012
When I first came to Carolina in 2004, I hadn’t heard of Information Science. Little did I know that I was already designing information systems. I had a keen understanding of technology, but always in the sense of how it could help people work smarter. In...
Name: David Iberkleid
Title: CEO
Employer: WhyEquals
Degree: MSIS
Graduation year: 2010
David Iberkleid is an entrepreneur and a recent graduate of the MSIS program at SILS. David says that while at SILS, the school provided four key ingredients he needed to start his own business: The capacity to stay on top of future trends yet solve current...
Name: Cassidy R. Sugimoto
Title: Associate Professor
Employer: Indiana University Bloomington
Degree: MSLS, PhD
Graduation year: 2010
Cassidy R. Sugimoto (Ph.D. '10) is an associate professor at the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University Bloomington. She conducts research within the domain of scholarly communication and scientometrics, examining the formal and informal...