Graduate Alumni Profiles

Name: Timothy L. Gunter
Title: Partner
Employer: KPMG
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 1988
I was one of the first students to go through the information science track in the late 1980's and I could not have had a better educational grounding for my career in consulting and information technology. I learned how to turn data into information, analyze...
Name: Karen Sobel
Title: Research & Instruction Librarian for Art, Architecture, Music, and Urban Planning
Employer: Auraria Library, University of Colorado at Denver
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 2007
How did I get here? I ended up at CU-Denver pretty much by chance. In 2007 when I went on the job market, the economy was headed downhill. My husband and I needed to make sure that we both had jobs lined up before we moved anywhere. Denver was the first place...
Name: Michael S. Gelinne
Title: Regulatory Documentation Manager
Employer: Bayer AG
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 1983
In my current position with Bayer CropScience I manage electronic intellectual property for the U.S. Regulatory Affairs Department.  This work involves creating XML-based electronic dossiers used in submissions to the Environmental Protection Agency and the...
Name: Paul V. Gerwe
Title: Solutions Manager
Employer: Procter & Gamble
Degree: MSIS
Graduation year: 1999
Paul Gerwe is developing new processes and approaches for search optimization within P&G's intranet.  The challenges are both significant and different than Internet Search Engine Optimization. "There are many common misconceptions people hold about...
Name: Jane Baugh
Title: Library Services Director
Employer: Woods Rogers, PLC Law Firm
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 1979
What was your educational and professional background before coming to SILS? I had completed a B.A. in English from Mary Washington College (now University of Mary Washington). How has your career progressed since you graduated SILS? My first job was in the...
Name: Eric Obershaw
Title: VP, Head of Business Information Services Asia
Employer: Morgan Stanley Japan Group
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 2001
What was your educational and professional background before coming to SILS? B.A. in Japanese and two years teaching English How has your career progressed since you graduated SILS? I joined Morgan Stanley soon after SILS graduation as a junior researcher in...
Name: Jennifer Lohmann
Title: Sales and Marketing Specialist
Employer: NoveList
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 2006
What was your educational and professional background before coming to SILS? I graduated with a bachelor's in economics and quickly realized that I wasn't interested in any "traditional" jobs for economists. Turns out, investment banking just wasn't for me....
Name: Erin White
Title: Head, Digital Engagement
Employer: Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries
Degree: MSIS
Graduation year: 2009
What was your educational and professional background before coming to SILS? I came to SILS straight out of my undergraduate studies at UGA. I was a sociology and journalism major, but had been working part-time as a web designer for the university for a few...
Name: Kevin Cherry
Title: Deputy Secretary
Employer: North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources
Degree: MSLS, PhD
Graduation year: 2010
What was your educational and professional background before coming to SILS? I was a graduate student in History (specializing in History of Science) at UNC-Chapel Hill and working as a graduate assistant in Wilson Library's North Carolina Collection when I...
Name: Heather McCullough
Title: Associate Director for Instructional Programs
Employer: Center of Teaching and Learning, UNC Charlotte
Degree: MSIS
Graduation year: 2007
Heather McCullough is the Associate Director for Instructional Programs at the Center of Teaching and Learning at UNC Charlotte. She leads the instructional programs staff and implements the major instructional programs, large-scale instructional projects,...
Name: Vesselina Stoytcheva
Title: Federal Librarian
Employer: Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Degree: MSLS
Graduation year: 1999
When SILS Master's students in the library science track envision their future careers, most anticipate working in either academic or public library settings. SILS alumna Vesselina Stoytcheva chose instead to look to the world of small business and the...
Name: Sayan Chakraborty
Title: Senior Consultant
Employer: Deloitte
Degree: MSIS
Graduation year: 2006
During his time as a student at SILS, Sayan Chakraborty realized that he loved solving complex questions related to information—particularly those that called for him to pay close attention to the needs of information users.  As a senior consultant at...