Harry Ahlas


Harry Ahlas


Analytics Consultant


Wells Fargo



Graduation year: 


I joined Wells Fargo Bank shortly after graduating SILS in 2001. Wells Fargo is the nation’s fourth largest bank and one of the top 20 biggest public companies in the world (Forbes 2013). It is a great place to work because the company strives to uphold the values of its vision to help satisfy customers’ needs and help them succeed financially.

I am proud to play a role in bringing this vision to life.It is a critical time for my company as we are in a pivotal transition period. As a result, a great opportunity opened up and I was recently promoted to my first management position. I now lead the Wells Fargo Human Resources ALERT team. 

My team is responsible for providing robust, reproducible reporting for human resources-related data for audit, regulatory, legal, and employee relations needs. Often, the tasks can be complex with very short timelines, so the job can be challenging.  I think back to the courses I took as SILS all the time – Paul Jones’ Information Security and Bob Losee’s Information Retrieval courses certainly help me to this day!

Prior to joining Human Resources, I worked with the Wells Fargo Regional Resource Planning team where I forecasted bank transactions. During my tenure there, we increased forecast accuracy from 76% to 95%.

My degree at SILS has helped me in several ways. I remember nearly every SILS faculty member constantly reminding us about the importance of understanding the users’ perspective. SILS made it second-nature for me to keep in mind what the end user is thinking, which gives me an advantage in the workplace. Additionally, SILS provided me with foundational skills in information visualization as well as data organization that have become vital to my career. I still use my professors as a resource and they are usually quick to respond. It is great to know that my ties to SILS have continued to last over all these years!