Kristian Perks


Kristian Perks


User Experience Analyst | Financial Intelligence Unit


US Banke



Graduation year: 


How has your career progressed since you graduated SILS?

I was a UX and Project Manager for a software development company managing teams of up to 5 people before moving into a UX position focusing on financial crimes compliance.

In your current employment, what are your job duties and responsibilities?

I am part of the initial response team to events such as the issuance of geographic targeting orders, acts of terror, or data leaks. I guide the development of technology within a small team to deploy hidden data solutions to the broader Financial Intelligence Unit team. In my role I am required to quickly apply interaction design principles to existing and new interfaces.

What were some of your best experiences at SILS??

My best experiences at SILS include writing and researching my honors thesis on cross-cultural usability and working on a real life project with SAS for one of my classes. Gaining real world experience while learning concepts in a classroom was invaluable.

What inspires or motivates you?

I enjoy and derive satisfaction from being able to interpret users' needs and incorporate these into design, understanding and giving form to technological concepts and data.

Is there any other information you would like to share, or any advice you would like to offer current or future SILS students?

Take an internship during your time at SILS to help translate things you learn in the classroom to the world of business.