Michael S. Gelinne


Michael S. Gelinne


Regulatory Documentation Manager


Bayer AG



Graduation year: 


In my current position with Bayer CropScience I manage electronic intellectual property for the U.S. Regulatory Affairs Department.  This work involves creating XML-based electronic dossiers used in submissions to the Environmental Protection Agency and the participation on global project teams.

Prior to my work at Bayer I spent 16 years with GlaxoSmithKline where I was responsible for identifying the implications of competitive intentions and market forces.  I managed a competitive intelligence department research function within the commercial analysis group and provided written assessments and recommendations based on collected primary and secondary research.  I also identified, evaluated, and fostered collaborative partnerships with external primary research consultants and information vendors and managed project budgets and print and electronic subscription budgets.

My SILS education provided me with a solid foundation for work within the private sector which began with a summer, practical work experience at IBM at their corporate headquarters in New York.  I continually find myself reflecting on what I learned at UNC and the faculty who provided me with the skills and knowledge I draw on daily.  Some of the faculty who made a deep impact on me include:

• Fred Roper
• Lester Asheim  (My master’s paper advisor)
• Mary Kingsbury
• Martin Dillon