SILS PhD Students

Yu Lee An


Semantic technologies, linked data, knowledge graphs, knowledge representation via ontologies, British music trade and historical musicology

Advisor: Ryan Shaw

Matthew Belskie


Strategic decision-making by esports players under perfect and imperfect information constraints

Advisor: Brad Hemminger

Kristen Bowen


Human-computer interaction, social studies of information

Advisors: Amelia Gibson and Sandra Hughes-Hassell

Bogeum Choi

Information seeking behavior, task-based information retrieval, human factors (cognitive and affective factors in HCI), search as learning

Advisor: Jaime Arguello 

Thu-Mai Christian

Advisor: Helen Tibbo

Aashka Dave


Media ecosystems, risk communications, public health, disaster recovery, user experience, design research

Advisor: Zeynep Tufekci



Charlene Finley

Health informatics, information seeking behavior and use (health-related), health policies and confidentiality and security of health information

Advisors: Amelia Gibson and David Gotz

Patrick Golden


Scholarly note-taking practices, infrastructure studies, history of information systems

Advisors: Ryan Shaw and Stephanie Haas

Mengtian Guo


Natural language processing, machine learning, information retrieval, health informatics

Advisors: Yue Wang and David Gotz

Jacob Hill

Knowledge organization, digital humanities, Baha’i studies, Arabic & Persian manuscripts

Advisors: Ryan Shaw and Brad Hemminger

Eliscia Kinder

Archives, memory, communities, digital humanities

Advisor: Ryan Shaw

Christopher Lenhardt
Lan Li


Human-computer interaction, social studies of technology

Advisor: Zeynep Tufekci

Yuan Li

Human-computer interaction, interactive information behavior, collaborative search, information/knowledge organization and knowledge re-use

Advisor: Rob Capra

YuanYe Ma


Inter-cultural information ethics, semantic network analysis, and natural language processing

Advisor: Stephanie Haas

Robert Manzo

Disability history, library history, print and online publishing spaces used by autistic self-advocates

Advisor: Ryan Shaw

Laura March


Educational technology; digital and visual culture; accessibility; social media; memes; museums, libraries, and cultural institutions

Advisors: Sandra Hughes-Hassell and Marijel (Maggie) Melo

Deborah (Debbie) Maron

Metadata pedagogy, history of LIS, philosophy of information organization, critical information theory

Advisors: Ryan Shaw and Brian Sturm

John D. Martin III


Information behavior, disclosure of personal information, survey interfaces and methods, free/open source software (F/OSS) education, digital humanities, Middle East libraries and cultural institutions

Advisor: Sandra Hughes-Hassell

Danny Anh Nguyen

Scholarly communications, information retrieval, human-computer interaction, social media, evidence-based practice

Advisor: Brad Hemminger

Snigdha Petluru 

Database and information retrieval systems, text/data mining, bio/health/medical informatics 

Advisor: David Gotz

Jiaming Qu


Information retrieval, text data mining, interpretable machine learning, natural language processing 

Advisors: Yue Wang and Jaime Arguello

Andrew Rabkin 

Organization of information and information architecture, archives/special collections and cultural institutions, data management and curation, social studies of information management 

Advisor: Christopher (Cal) Lee

Rachel Rodney

User experience, inclusive design, and virtual reality

Advisors: Maggie Melo


Cynthia (Cindy) Schmidt

School library media, marketing and PR for libraries, professional advocacy and recruitment, Library 2.0

Advisor: Sandra Hughes-Hassell

William Su


Data science, machine learning bias mitigation, AI explainability

Advisors: Yue Wang and David Gotz 

Elnora Kelly Tayag


Community-based collections, digital humanities

Advisors: Ryan Shaw and Sandra Hughes-Hassell

Kelsey Urgo


Search as learning, learning-supportive search tools, and predicting learning during search

Advisors: Jaime Arguello and Rob Capra

Lingyu Wang


Digital art archive, social knowledge representation, postmodern theory

Advisors: Cal Lee and Zeynep Tufekci


WenYuan Wang


Human information interaction, externalization of knowledge, impact of pre-exist knowledge on information consumption, information visualization, UI design and data mining

Advisor: David Gotz

Austin R. Ward


Human-computer interaction, augmented/virtual reality, interactive information retrieval, usability

Advisor: Rob Capra

Mary White

Academic and health sciences librarianship, information workflow and needs, public and global health

Advisor: Mary Grace Flaherty

Yuyu Yang


Information seeking, Music information retrieval, Human Computer Interaction

Advisor: Rob Capra

Hanlin Zhang


Data analytics, augmented/virtual reality,  scholarly communication and open access

Advisor: Bradley Hemminger