Intention to Pursue Concentration in Archives & Records Management (ARM)

By completing and submitting this form, I am indicating my intention to pursue the ARM concentration at SILS.

I understand that:

  • This form allows SILS to keep track of which students are pursuing the ARM concentration and provide appropriate student advising. It does not prevent me from opting out of the concentration later on, if I decide to do so.
  • If I am pursuing the ARM concentration, I must submit this online form.
  • If I do decide to opt out of the ARM concentration, I should notify Cal Lee about this decision.
  • The ARM concentration allows for several exceptions to the normal course requirements for the MSIS/MSLS degree. In order to waive those normal requirements, I must (1) complete this form to express my intention to pursue the ARM concentration, and (2) complete all of the requirements as explained here.
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