Dual Bachelor's - Master's Program

The Dual Bachelor's - Master's Program is a unique offering in higher education. Of the 24 iSchools in North America, only four offer an accelerated Bachelor's - Master's program of any sort; and other than these four iSchools, only one of the 58 programs accredited by the American Library Association offer an accelerated Bachelor's - Master's program.

The dual Bachelor's - Master's program is intended to enable Information Science (IS) majors to obtain both their BS and MS degree by early planning of an undergraduate program that integrates well with the graduate degree requirements for either a Master’s in Information Science (MSIS) or a Master's in Library Science (MSLS). While the BSIS provides sound preparation for entry into the information professions, the Master's degree provides a distinct advantage to those who aim to advance to managerial or leadership positions.

The BSIS and Master's programs prepare students for careers in public, private, and governmental institutions of all kinds as information system analysts, designers and developers, data managers, web designers, librarians, archivists, and similar areas. The SILS curricula offer students a sound foundation of coursework, augmented by projects, internships (field experience), and research opportunities that contribute to making SILS graduates highly sought after by employers.



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