Certificate in International Development

The Certificate in International Development is available to SILS master's and doctoral students who wish to acquire a specialization in issues of international development and social change in communities and nations around the world. SILS faculty member Ron Bergquist serves on the certificate's faculty steering committee.

If you're interested in pursuing the certificate, please contact SILS International Programs Coordinator Kaitlyn Murphy at kmurphy@unc.edu to discuss course approval. Further information is available on the UNC Center for Global Initiatives website.

In order to receive the certificate, students must complete:

  • Four graduate courses at UNC-Chapel Hill, or any university with which the University has a formal consortial arrangement, on a topic related to international development and social change. At least two of these courses must be external to SILS. One of the four courses must be INLS 758 - International and Cross Cultural Perspectives for Information Management. The SILS International Seminars to Prague, London, or Berlin are an additional option. 
  • Participation in a bi-weekly workshop on development offered in the spring
  • A thesis, dissertation, or major seminar paper on a topic related to international development and social change
  • Language or technical training if it is appropriate to the student's interests