Field Experience: Site Selection

Site Selection

Field experience sites are identified in a variety of ways. Information organizations and information professionals may seek interested students by contacting the Field Experience Coordinator to submit a posting over our SILS student opportunities listserv. SILS may identify potential organizations and solicit their participation. A student may identify an organization and negotiate with a potential site supervisor to do a field experience at that site. All new sites will be reviewed by the Career Services Coordinator to ensure that they meet the following criteria:

  • The field experience must constitute a learning experience for the student.
  • A practicing professional must agree to act as the student's site supervisor.
  • The student's work / project / tasks must be primarily of a professional or beginning professional nature.

Please note: You may not conduct a field experience around projects or tasks on which you are already working. The field experience is intended to provide you with a new learning experience and the opportunity to fulfill new learning objectives. You may conduct a field experience at your existing job or internship, but it must be around a new project or a distinctly different set of learning objectives than what you have previously completed. Likewise, you cannot register for a field experience retroactively, for a job or internship that is already underway or completed.

For a list of recommended sites and sites that are currently seeking interns, please refer to the Sites page.