Masters Practicum Project

Master's Practicum Project

The practicum was created for students who wish to gain practical experience for their capstone experience lieu of writing a research paper. This gives students the opportunity to apply professional skills in a team-based environment with an external or internal supervisor; and to be evaluated by the supervisor, the faculty 992 instructor, peers, and faculty reviewers at culmination event.

Required coursework: 
Student who choose the practicum track must take INLS 779: Practicum Development in their third semester prior to registering for INLS 992: Masters Paper or Practicum in their fourth semester. While taking the practicum development course, students must complete the following: 

  • Form teams based on similar interests
  • Identify and investigate an information problem in a real-world setting,  
  • Identify and communicate with a project sponsor (could be an outside organization, academic department, library, business, etc.; could also be a faculty member)
  • Develop a feasible plan for addressing the information need within a one-semester time window, and 
  • Develop a practicum “charter” and sponsor agreement (the final assignment for the course). The charter will explicitly spell out each team member’s responsibilities within the project.  

Picking a project sponsor: 
Students will have the opportunity to work with internal or external organizations to complete their practicum project.This could be an outside organization, another department on campus, a library, business, a faculty member, ect. SILS has worked to solicit opportunities from various internal and external organizations for students to choose from. 

Practicum project registration:

Registration for INLS 992 (Masters Paper or Project) is required for both MSIS and MSLS. Students must register for INLS 992 for 3 credit hours. The registration for the Master's paper or practicum is handled electronically. To register for the practicum students must:

  1. Fill out the SILS Class Enrollment Request Form
  2. Attach the required learning contract. Your learning contract shoud include at tentative schedule for completing your practicum, a tentative schedule of meetings with your team and your project sponsor. This should be agreed upon with your team and your project sponsor.
  3. Attach a copy of your INLS 779 project charter to your form. The charter should explicitly spell out each team member’s responsibilities within the project.
  4. Once you have uploaded all the required documents, finish completing the form
  5. Agreed to the honor code statement and hit submit
  6. The form will be routed to the appropriate people for approval
  7. Once your request is approved, you wil be registered for INLS 992. 

Practicum course requirements:

Students registered for the practicum will complete their projects under the direction of their project sponsor. This class will meet 3 to 4 times during the semester to check in on progress, address any concerns, and provide guidance on completing the final assignments. The clumination for the project track will be project fair event where students will present a poster about their project and/or a demonstration of their work along with a brief oral synopsis. The event will be open to project sponsors, faculty, staff, and students to attend.