Data Curation

Post-Master's Certificate: Data Curation 

The Data Curation emphasis within the Post-Master's Certificate (PMC) program aims to educate information professionals in libraries, archives, government agencies and corporations or businesses who are responsible for managing and preserving the data assets of the organization. We expect graduates to serve as leaders in those organizations and to be active participants in defining data curation standards and practices. The curriculum includes advanced courses that prepare students to understand the statutory, economic, and technical issues related to data creation, dissemination, use and reuse and preservation in organizations.

The Data Curation program consists of two introductory courses taken on campus over a two (2) week period, six courses taken online over subsequent semesters, and two project-oriented independent studies related to the student’s current or desired work environment.

Faculty teaching the courses for the Post Master's Program include award-winning scholars:

 Dr. Helen Tibbo, Alumni Distinguished Professor
 Dr. Arcot Rajasekar, Frances Carroll McColl Term Professor, Chief Domain Scientist, Data Grid Technologies
 Dr. Christopher (Cal) Lee, Professor

Click here to download a pdf highlighting the opportunities and benefits offered by the program.


Applicants interested in pursuing the Post-Master's Certificate in Data Curation must follow the same admissions criteria for the Post-Master's Certificate. Applicants are strongly encouraged to start the Data Curation program in the summer. The two week on campus intensive courses are essential to the foundation of the program.

2016 Application Deadline: 

Summer admission: Deadline has been extended until April 12, 2016


A total of ten (10) classes for a total of thirty (30) credit hours are required to complete the Post Master's Certificate with an emphasis in Data Curation: 

INLS 465: Understanding Information Technology for Managing Digital Collections
INLS 490: Selected Topics: Information Analytics
INLS 523: Database Systems I
INLS 624: Policy-Based Data Management
INLS 696: Independent Study Part I
INLS 696: Independent Study Part II

INLS 720: Metadata Architectures and Applications
INLS 740: Digital Libraries: Principles and Applications
INLS 752: Digital Preservation and Access
INLS 756: Data Curation and Management