Undergraduate Admissions

Apply to the BSIS Major or IS Minor

Elligibility and Criteria:

Undergraduate students who have completed all prerequisites may apply for the Information Science major. The Information Systems minor requires you to be enrolled in (or have previously taken) atleast one INLS course. Admission policies are available in the School's Undergraduate Handbook.  Please contact the Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator for questions.

Criteria for admission include the candidate's academic record, work and extra-curricular experience, and substantive thinking about the role of information in society.  Candidates from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds are sought.  Level of prior computer experience is not a criterion for admission. Admission to SILS depends on the feasibility of applicants completing the curriculum within the designated 8 terms in residence

Please fill out the SILS Undergraduate Interest Form to receive intermittent application and program updates. 

Application Requirements

SILS undergraduate applications are open during the following times:
For Fall: 
February 1 - March 1
For Spring:  September 1 - September 30

Applications must be completed within the designated time frame. No late applications are excepted

The application requires the following:

  1. Completion of all four prerequisite courses for the major; enrollment in (or completion of) atleast one INLS course for the minor
  2. Resume
  3. A brief essay in response to the following question:
    In 100 to 300 words explain why you want to pursue an information science (IS) major/minor. More specifically, 1) what experiences led you to realize you would benefit from further education in IS, and 2) how will pursing an education in IS enable you to achieve your future plans?
  4. Letters of recommendation are optional
To Apply

To apply to the BSIS major, IS minor, or request to move from the IS minor to the BSIS major, you will need to "Apply for Change of Major” in ConnectCarolina.  The option is available from the “other academic…” dropdown menu, located under the Academics section of the Student Center tab.­

  • Select the major/minor you wish to apply for from the “Major” dropdown menu.
  • Update the “Request to” and “Term” dropdown menu
  • Click the “I Agree” checkbox in order for the “Submit Request” to become available.

Once the request has been submitted, a nightly process will create a file to be sent to Slate (application manager). Within 24 hours, you will receive an invitation email to complete the application. Applications are reviewed after the application closes for each cycle. Decisions are typically made and sent to candidates within one month of the application closing. Late and paper applications are not accepted. 

External Transfer Students

External transfer students must indicate that they wish to pursue a major in Information Science on their application from Undergraduate Admissions. Transfer students sometimes transfer directly into the School of Information and Library Science, however your application is completed through Undergraduate Admissions. Application deadlines for external transfer students are also set by Undergraduate Admissions. Please check these deadlines here prior to applying. Any pre-requisite courses not completed prior to applying must be completed during your first semester at UNC. 

External transfer students who do not directly transfer into the program must apply through ConnectCarolina, during the designated application times, and meet the same requirements as all other applicants.

Dual BS-MS Pathway

If you plan to pursue the Dual Bachelor's - Master's pathway, please fill out the Dual BS-MS Intent form (in addition to the online application).