General Education Requirements

First year students and sophomores in the UNC-CH General College who plan to apply for the BSIS should complete the following requirements prior to admission into the major:

Foundations and Quantitative Reasoning Requirements

  • MATH 152, Calculus for Business and Social Sciences, OR
  • MATH 231, Calculus of Functions of One Variable, OR
  • STOR 151, Basic Concepts of Statistics and Data Analysis 1, OR
  • STOR 155, Introduction to Statistics

Approaches and Connections Requirements

  • Physical and Life Sciences
    PSYC 101, General Psychology
  • Social and Behavioral Sciences
    INLS 101, Foundations of Information Science
  • Quantitative Reasoning
    COMP 110, Introduction to Programming, OR
    COMP 116, Introduction to Scientific Programming, OR
    COMP 121, Introduction to Functional Programming