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ARL Academy: Careers in Academic and Research Libraries.
2004 IMLS Recruiting and Education Librarians for the 21st Century.

ARL Academy Fellows at UNC.

SILS offers an ideal environment for the participants in the ARL Fellows Program. Students complete the Fellows program as part of the full two-year (48 credit hours) master’s program. Each year, SILS attracts 20 to 30 applicants with advanced degrees in other fields. The Fellows program will allow the school to recruit more actively for such students and to offer them a tailored program of study oriented towards academic librarianship. The availability of a SILS faculty member who would act as a program coordinator will ensure the best possible experience for the student.

The course of study for ARL fellows includes the following:

Core Curriculum
Organization of Materials
Information Resources and Services
Human Information Interaction
Research Methods
Management of Information Agencies
Seminar in Academic Libraries

Students are required to take the core courses associated with their degree program only. We anticipate that ARL fellows will take the Library Science Program; however, Fellows interested in library systems will have the opportunity to take Information Science core and elective courses appropriate to their interests. ARL fellows may be eligible for exemption from the Research Methods or other core courses, based on the nature of their previous graduate education. This would create opportunities for taking additional electives.

Fellows Seminar
ARL Fellows will participate in the Triangle Research Libraries Network Fellows Seminar. This seminar on Issues and Trends in Academic Librarianship gives TRLN Doctoral Fellows, ARL Academy Fellows, Library Fellows, TRLN librarians, SILS faculty and SILS Doctoral Students an opportunity to come together as a community of scholars.

ARL fellows take electives as necessary to meet program requirements. Electives are be selected by the student with the assistance of SILS and ARL advisors.
Additional electives are available.

History of the Book and other Information Formats
History of Libraries and Other Information-Related Cultural Institutions
Cultural Institutions
Introduction to Archives and Records Management
Internet Applications
Digital Libraries: Principles and Applications
Metadata Architectures and Applications
Preservation of Library and Archive Materials
Database Systems
Seminar in Rare Book Collections

Fellows meet their internship requirement for the ARL fellowship program by working a total of 240 hours on a library project in an ARL library.

Registration for the internship is confirmed by the completion of a Learning Contract.

A daily reflective log of the experience outlining activities and events and providing reflective comments on them is to be maintained for the first 60 hours of the experience and submitted to the faculty supervisor.

An assessment of the student's work is to be performed by the site supervisor at the completion of the internship. Supervisors may use the format of the Field Experience Evaluation.

On completion of the internship, the fellow is to complete his/her own assessment of the experience and the site. Fellows may use the format of the Student Field Experience Evaluation.

Please mark the forms as "ARL Academy Evaluation" and submit them to:

Joanne Gard Marshall
Alumni Distinguished Professor
School of Information and Library Science
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
100 Manning Hall, CB #3360
Chapel Hill, NC 27599
(919) 962-8363
Email: marshall@ils.unc.edu