Chad Morgan

Chad Morgan is the TRLN Doctoral Fellow at NCSU Libraries, Special Collections Research Center.


Panel Chair and Commentator for White Violence.
Gulf South Historical Association Conference, Mobile, Ala., October 8, 2004.

"Planters’ Progress: George Fitzhugh, Henry Hughes, and Southern Slaveholders’ Modern Vision."
Conflict in Southern Writing Conference, Montgomery, Ala., September 24, 2004.

Divisions of Labor: Color Bars in Georgia’s Confederate Industries.
Organization of American Historians Southern Regional Conference, Atlanta, Ga., July 10, 2004.

The Color Bar and the Persistence of Cultural Norms in Georgia's Confederate Ordnance Plants.
American Culture Association Annual Conference, San Antonio, Tex., April 7, 2004.

Entrepreneurs and the Confederate State in Georgia.
Southern Industrialization Project Conference, Nashville, Tenn., September 6, 2003.

Industrial Slavery at the Confederate Central Laboratory, Macon, Georgia.
Southern Labor Studies Conference, Miami, Fla., April 28, 2002.

Limits of Manufacturing in Antebellum Georgia.
Graduate Southern History Conference, Oxford, Miss., March 2, 2002.

Upcoming Presentations

Morgan, Chad. Planters’ Progress: Modernizing Confederate Georgia. Foreword by John David Smith. Volume XX in the New Perspectives on the History of the South Series, University Press of Florida, 2005. Read a Sample.

Morgan, Chad. "The Slave Works: Industrial Slavery at the Confederate Central Laboratory, Macon, Georgia." Atlanta History, Spring 2006.

Morgan, Chad. " Alexander Stephens," " Benjamin Hill," "Herschel Johnson," and "Industrialization in Civil-War Georgia." John Inscoe, ed., The New Georgia Encyclopedia. Georgia Humanities Council and the University of Georgia Press, 2004.

Morgan, Chad. " The Public Nature of Private Industry in Confederate Georgia." Civil War History March 2004. 50th Anniversary Issue.

Morgan, Chad. " John C. Calhoun" and "Filibustering," Paul Finkelman and L. Diane Barnes, eds., African-American History Reference Series. Volume 2: The World of Frederick Douglass, 1818-1895: Oxford University Press, forthcoming.

Morgan, Chad. " The State of North Carolina" (chapter on North Carolina statehood), Benjamin F. Shearer, ed., The Uniting States: The Story of Statehood for the 50 United States of America. Greenwood Press, 2004.

Morgan, Chad. " Progressive Slaveholders: Planters, Intellectuals, and Georgia’s Antebellum Economic Development," Georgia Historical Quarterly, Fall 2002.

Draft in Progress:

Morgan, Chad. Abundance is the New Reliability!: A New Perpective on the Problem of Archival Appraisal.

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